Craft supply woes, where do you order from?

I love to make crafts with the kids. Buying craft supplies unfortunately for me is hard to do in my city because we have no dedicated craft stores as of right now they all closed down. So when buying supplies I usually plan crafts ahead of time with my kids in batches of about 6 and then I order all the supplies at once and separate them as per what craft they will be used to complete.

While that method works well for me finding a store online that is stocked with everything I need can sometimes prove to be a challenge since I do not like to order from a ton of different stores. Recently I was introduced to Factory Direct Craft and realized my search was over, they have everything I could dream of and more for my kids. While searching on there just this morning I found fillable acrylic Christmas balls and I plan on getting some of them for the kids to make me ornaments for this upcoming Christmas. They also have some super adorable paper mache boxes that I want to get and do with the kids because I think they would make great gift boxes and decorations for Maddisyns room.

Factory Direct Craft has everything from glitter to glue to pom poms to googly eyes and anything else you can think of.  More then just that they also have stuff for home decor and a section of wedding stuff as well.  They seem to be the go to place for anything you can imagine and I am happy to have found them and cannot wait to plan out our next set of crafts so that I can order the supplies from them and be more relaxed knowing I am doing it all from one place rather then waiting on multiple shipments to reach me.

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  1. eva says:

    They have cool stuff! I usually just get mine from Michaels, especially where there’s a sale and coupon to go with it! 😀

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