Crossword Cubes

I love to play word games both with my family and even alone, sometimes Scrabble is best played when it is left hand versus right hand.  Thanks to Crossword Cubes I can play my game alone without have to haul out the big board and play alone, risking of course that a child or two might mess up the board while getting up to do one of my million motherly duties.

Crossword Cubes is a dice game that is played a little like boggle, you put the cubes into the supplied cup, shake it up and dump them out, then try to make as many words as you can using the cubes in a crossword fashioned puzzle.  There are 13 dice in total and once you have made all the words you can with the dice you add up your points and that is your score, if you can use all the cubes then you get an additional 20 points.

Crossword cubes is basically scrabble simplified which as I said earlier is great for someone like me.  I have played alone more then once, the kids want to play with me as well and I will let them soon although I am sure that when I do I will get my butt kicked but I am OK with that.  I cannot wait to have family game nights with the kids using Crossword Cubes, I am sure that this will lead to lots of fun nights in our future.

I received a complimentary game from Marina Games through the Family Review Network.

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