CSN Stores teaser post

I have worked with CSN a few times in the past, they are one of my favorite stores to work with and the products we receive are all of very good quality.  I was asked to again work with them again and of course I am going to say yes I have never been let down by them in the past and know this time will be no different.

The only problem I have working with CSN is deciding a product in which I want to review.  with over 200 stores you can imagine there is a ton of products to choose from.  I have already decided what I will do this time around but I assure you that decision was not easy.  I went through a lot of products before I finally came to one we wanted.  We have so many needs in our house like a new table for my dining room because I sold my old wooden set and repainted/modernized my dining area.  Of course in that i had to get a new table to eat at and we have one I am not in love with.  CSN has some really great drop leaf tables that would fit our needs and yet save me some space when not in need.

Unfortunately this time around with Christmas approaching we have opted for something different with this gift card, maybe next time I can get my table or something for me.  I am not going to share what I picked this time, I am going to surprise you all with my item when it comes in and I get it together and I think it will even be a perfect fit for my holiday gift guide.

I will receive a gift card from CSN stores for writing this post.


  1. Eve says:

    I love the csn stores! I bought a makeup traincase there, and it is great. Much cheaper than sephora’s! I hope you get that table!

  2. hannah says:

    I love CSN! I’ve ordered things from them several times and had totally no problems at all. I agree with you, the hardest thing is trying to pick just one or two things to order.

  3. I just got a coat rack from CSN Stores, i love it! Thats my 3rd order from them!!

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