Cyber Clean Review

Cyber Clean® is a revolutionary cleaning compound! When it comes to cleaning action in cavities and where convention cleaning products have physical limits. Cyber Clean® gets into cavities because of its perfect combination of viscosity elasticity and its patented formula, it absorbs dirt and any other residues and provides deep cleaning action in the cavities and on the surface!

Cyber Clean® is very simple and highly efficient! Just press and pull Cyber Clean® on the surface of your device, and all dirt will be trapped in the material and all the disgusting things living inside your keyboard will be pulled off.

Yes it really is that simple just  take it out of the package, roll it around in your hands for 10 seconds press it onto whatever you need to clean, keyboard (which is proven to have more germs than a public toilet), the back of your tv, vents on game consoles, controllers for said consoles and so much more. when the surface gets dirty fold the Cyber Clean over the dirty parts and all the dirt gets trapped inside never to be released again.

Once we received it we immediately cleaned all the keyboards and remotes in the house excited to test it out, and it worked beautifully we will absolutely be purchasing more of this great product and just yesterday I saw it at Zellers which is only about 2 minutes from my house so I don’t even have to look hard to get more or wait for it to come .  I was actually pretty grossed out at the amount of stuff it pulled out of my keyboards and stuff, we will be keeping this on hand at all times to ensure all of our stuff is cleaned out and I don’t have to purchase anymore canned air.

Check out a list of 99 different places Cyber Clean® can be used.

Thank you to Cyber Clean for this great product to review.
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