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I suck at keeping track of normal things, and keeping track of my “menstrual cycle” I suck at even more.  I seriously need a period calendar to keep track of all that stuff. helps me keep track of my cycles and so much more.  With Cycle Harmony you can take a quick PMS assessment quiz and find out about your PMS symptoms and lifestyle factors as well.

I took the quiz and then hit continue, it told me the PMS symptoms most distressing to me based on my answers.  It also told me which areas I’ve been doing well in my current lifestyle and which areas I can improve upon. And finally it showed me a five-step process to improve my life and go on a successful journey to PMS relief.

The PMS self-assessment report also recommended that I track my moods and symptoms daily for two consecutive months.  I am going to start this today and see what I can learn about myself after two consecutive months of tracking.

The period calendar is pretty intuitive and easy to navigate. I simply click on a day of the calendar, and choose if it’s the first day or the last day of my period.  It’ll mark on the calendar my period days for me.

I can also track the level of flow, body temperature, weight and the PMS symptoms I am experiencing for any given day, and add notes on how I feel on that day. On top of that, when I go to the summary and it will show my next expected period days as well as my forecasted ovulation days for the next 12 months. What a great tool for family planning!

All in all I really love the period calendar tool by And it’s free! I will continue to use it. Check it out for yourself.

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