Dealing with Depression

So now I have shared my big news for you all it brings my to some very real and serious concerns I know I will face after having my baby.  After I had Maddisyn I sunk into a very deep depression known as postpartem depression.  I took some medications for it for months to help treat it and I was very glad my doctor was right on spot with it.  After Holden was born I immediately went on the medication rather then waiting for the depression to kick in.  This time I am not sure if I will take the medication or look into other sources to help me in dealing with depression.

I do not want to be dependent on the medication again to feel normal and feel like perhaps I will try this time without taking them but have them knowing if I need them they are there.  I will seek out other people who are dealing with depressions and find a depression forum where I can go for support from people who really know my struggle.  I will seek out support groups in my community, find other people with like depressions and perhaps together we can beat it.  If not then I will take the medication because it will be what is best for my body, mind, family and friends and that is OK too.  I will take it as it comes and have no expectations on anything I think that way I will not be let down and can just go with the flow which is something I much prefer to do anyhow.

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  1. saminder gumer says:

    i had a friend with depression and it was really hard to deal with. i helped as much as i could, but it was hard to see them like that.

  2. Erika says:

    I’m thankful that I never had this but as a newborn photographer I’ve spoken to many other moms who had trouble.

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