Diaper Genie Reviews from the mouth of Moms

I recently did a giveaway for the Diaper Genie.  Those winners then in turn got to try out their prizes and then give me their opinions.  Here are the mom written reviews:

Jessica M. says:

I have been thoroughly impressed with this product. The blade that comes on the product is extremely convenient when it comes time to throw a bag away. It hold the smell in pretty well which is also a plus. I will be a repeat customer!

Jaime B. says:

This product is so easy to set up and use even my husband could do it and didnt fight about having to! It retains the smell of the nasties awesome and doesnt take up much space or ruin design decor. We mainly use cloth for environmental reasons but when we use disposables they are the ‘eco friendly’ ones (diodegradable), I would love if the bags were offered in a more eco friendly option as well.

Thanks so much for the awesome product!

Krista S. says:

I found the instructions for setting up the diaper genie elite to be a but confusing in regards to how to insert and arrange the refill. I watched videos in YouTube to ensure I had done it correctly and I had so I suppose the instructions weren’t so difficult if I had done it correctly.

So far I am pleased with the odour control that it provides. I have a 29 month old and a 3 month old so it’s vital to keep odour control down with that amount of diapers in the house. I am a bit disappointed that the smell seems to waft up quickly when opening the lid to put a diaper in. However, all in all Indians this to be an effective product.

I enjoy the height of the diaper genie elite as it allows you to stand straight and drop the diaper in. Another great component is the step lever – very handy!

My only other concern is that the lid of mine doesn’t seem to close all of the way…it sits up a couple of centimetres from where it looks like it should close tightly. I’m not sure is this is due to the placement if the refill bags or not and will find out when I put a new refill in.

Cassie C. says:

I received the Playtex Diaper Genie Elite last week and immediately put it together when it arrived. Although there are very few pieces to put together, I struggled slightly to push the top hinge into the bottom piece. However, once that was together, I realized exactly how simple it would be to use and take the diapers out of it.

One of the features that I absolutely love about this product is that it has the built in cutter to cut the bag when it is time to take out the old diapers. I also love that you ultimately decide how large of a bag you want to use for diaper disposables since tying the refill allows you to do that by tying it to the desired size. This allows for you to waste less of the refill if you choose to dispose of diapers more  frequently or a larger size if you choose to keep the diapers in until it needs to be changed. The refills are also extremely easy to change when you run out of the current refill which is an obvious plus to the Diaper Genie.

The Diaper Genie itself has a look that you can place anywhere in your house and it will not stand out as a bucket full of diapers. This makes your house look cleaner and there is no smell that emanates from the Diaper Genie. That is the best part! No diaper smell and great look to place anywhere! This is a product that I would definitely recommend to any new parent or parent-to-be.

Iva. P says:

I opened the box and unpacked the parts. I didn’t put it together correctly the first time so it was difficult to take apart but once I did that it was simple to put back together. Inserting the bags were very simple too. I love the foot lever, I would definitely spend the money to buy the Elite over the basic version because I’m not a fan of putting my hand through the slit, so this was perfect. We’ve had diapers in there for 2 days now and it’s not full yet and there is no smell. The ease of use would definitely make me recommend it to my friends or buy it for gifts. Thank you for the opportunity to sample the product! I love it!

Kimberley H. says:

It has been just over a week since I set up and started using my Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Disposal Pail and truly feel blessed to have this product. The Genie looks nice in the nursery and was easy to set up. I have a three month old little girl who squirms so the Genie being taller eliminates needing to bend down to toss in a diaper and having the little pedal you step on makes it a one handed toss. This way one hand can firmly stay on my daughter Paige. The Genie came with one set of refills and it looks like that should last for 3 to 4 weeks, which is great and there so far has been no dirty diaper smell! I am truly grateful to have this product! On a side note my friend who has two cats is thinking of buying one to use for changing the cat litter box, it hides the smell that well!!

Kimberley S. says:

The day we got the diaper genie elite, I was so excited ! I set it up right away. The slim shape was perfect and not to bulky to fit in the little room we have. May be a coincidence but as soon as I set it up, my daughter felt we needed to use it. I’m so used to throwing the spoiled diapers in the garbage only to empty it 20 minutes later because of the smell, well NOT with the diaper genie. What have I been missing all these months!?

The pedal is so convenient, especially when you have a toddler that doesn’t stay still so it leaves a hand free, and the height allows for minimal bending! Another bonus I found is the lid being flush with the top, my toddler cannot open it !

All around the Diaper Genie Elite  is awesome!


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