Review/Giveaway/Ad Policy

We are a very PR friendly blog. Jabbering Jessi is currently accepting products for reviews and giveaways. If you have a product that you would like reviewed contact me. In our household we have the following available for reviewing: 29 y/o male, 28 y/o female, 11 y/o male, 8 y/o male, 2 y/o female and 1 y/o male. As well we have a Chocolate lab and a Cat to review any pet products.

Reviews will feature digital photographs of product in use if possible. There will also be keyword anchored product links and purchasing information.  If you do choose to do a review I require a full size sample for proper review.

GIVEAWAY POLICY: I am always looking for great sponsors who would like to get the word out about their business and its products by sponsoring a giveaway of one or more of their items. In order to do a giveaway I require the item from your store to do a review on as well (non-returnable) or if the product is not available for review as well I require a $25 dollar payment paid via Paypal due to the time it takes to write and run a contest.

*Giveaways will run for 1-2 weeks for items less than $100 in value
*Giveaways will run for three weeks for items over $100 in value
*Each giveaway will be featured in its own exclusive post.
*All of my giveaways will require my readers to visit your website and/or blog in order to participate unless asked not to or for an alternate entry method.
*Shipping of giveaway prizes will be taken care of by your company. I will provide the winner’s shipping information to you upon completion of the giveaway. I ask that the item(s) be shipped within 8 weeks after close of giveaway.
*Winners are chosen by random draw, unless otherwise specified.
*If a winner does not respond to notification with the time frame I have laid out (usually 24-48 hours) then I reserve the right to have the prizes shipped to me so that I may donate them within my community as I see fit


To have your product reviewed on my blog and/or for contest please fill out my Contact Form for prompt response.

I am a member of several blogging communities including Momdot, TwitterMoms, Mom Central, Mom Bloggers club, and My Blog Spark. If you need any information on my current traffic stats, please contact me, I do not post them here as they change so rapidly.

I am available on Twitter: @jabberingjessi

While I am not a full time blogger I do promise to respond to your email within 24 hours and most of the time it is immediately.


I accept advertising in the form of 125 x 125 buttons on my front page or text link ads. I do not accept advertising containing adult content, profanity, or anything that is not family-friendly. You must have a button already as I do not create them. I accept Paypal payments only and timeframes are as follows:

*Weekly: Ad will run for 7 consecutive days
*Monthly: Ad will run for one complete calendar month
*Yearly: Ad will run for one calendar year from date of purchase

Please email me or use my contact form for my current ad rates.

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