Do we go bigger and sell our car with Auto Trader or go home

So since we have expanded once again and are a family of 7 we absolutely do not fit in my car under any circumstance.  The backseat is too small for three car seats or two car seats and an older boy to fit comfortably.  It has been an awesome little car and gets me around where I need to go and never fails me, well except for that one time.

So now I am under the big dillema of do I sell my car with Auto Trader and get a second mini-van which would become our second family vehicle and allow us all to fit into it or do we sell the car and get a truck for Lee which would be more practical for hauling stuff and going to camp and if we get an extended cab vehicle then most of us could fit into it if necessary or do we just keep the car and never use it.  There are so many options to look at and figure out first and foremost is it worth it to go that route?  We would have to do a vehicle check, advertise, sell and THEN we would need to shop, finance and who knows what else just to get our new ride.

I am interested to hear from you all as to what you have for cars in your household.  Another thing I need to take into account is just a few years from now Chase will be driving and wanting to borrow a car, so do we lend him dads truck or moms van or do we keep the car on hand so that he has something that he could drive.  This decision is harder then I had thought it would be and now I am unsure of the ending result, I will keep you all posted.


  1. Lisa Ellis says:

    i’m in a similar dilemma – only my decision is whether to buy a mid-size sedan or just buy the mini-van now – even though with 2 kids, we really don’t need one yet. Two kids can fit in a sedan comfortably. But if we have another baby in 2 years, we will need one for sure. Decisions, decisions !

    Buying and selling cars is SO stressful ! If you get another mini-van you can haul stuff in that too. The downside, Chase prob. won’t want to drive it, it’s not cool like a truck!

  2. Carlton says:

    I have a big family also.There is nothing wrong in selling your old car and buying a new one that can fit you all.In fact,I did that last year when I gave birth to my fourth child,we decided to sell our car.

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