Doc Appt Friday February 13th

Ok so my monkey is transverse which i thought with his feet over my right hip and head over my left. He switches between transverse and full breech but has never gone head down, my other babies were all head down by now and i am kinda worried with him and the SPD.

Babies HR was great at 150 BPM which is what it has been.

I spoke to my doc about the SPD which i had complained about before. She gave me a prescription for a support belt called mom-ez that i need to get and start wearing ASAP to try to make it better.
Here is a link to the support belt like i have to get.

I asked about IV’s because when i had maddisyn i was induced (will be again this time) and was told i had to keep the iv in for 12 hrs, they figured cause it was already in, in case i started to have post partum hemmorage at least that would be in and they could stop it quickly. Well at the 12 hr mark, 7 am, i asked the nurse to take it out, she said she would soon, 20 min later my vein blew and i was bleeding everywhere and i am still sore even now 18 mths later if i touch it just the right way.

I also talked to her about my breastfeeding issue. With my DS i only fed for 2 mths before i lost my milk. My DD i fed her for 6 mths but it was a fight and when i was not feeding i was pumping so i had enough milk to give her nothing but my milk and i was taking fenugreek and blessed thistle and eating oatmeal and doing all that and nothing worked. So i told her this time i wanted Domperidone (motillium) and i planned on ordering it off the internet but wanted to know what she suggested dose wise. she told me that she would prescribe it for me and asked if i wanted it off the bat or what, i told her no i wanted to try on my own first but given my history i am not hopeful. thankfully she said that if i had issues just to call her office and tell her nurse that she said she would prescribe it and she would have a script called into the drugstore immediatly. That is so good because my insurance will cover it this way whereas if i order it offline it would cost me about $50.00 for a mths supply.

I measured ahead again, this time at 35 weeks, which is still right on track for the original due date i thought of March 15th, she keeps saying he is going to be a big baby like my son Blake, but Blake only weighed 8 lbs 10 ozs so that is not too big IMO.

I go back on the 23rd and will be asking for an u/s if i am still measuring ahead to check the babies size and position cause at this point i think their dates are off even though i did have an early u/s.

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