Doctors Appointment update

Yesterday I shared with you all that my little one was breech and we were going to have to move forward with a c-section although I was not 100% positive and would get that news.  Well I went and my doctor believes that Kinley has turned and is now head down woohoo.  I had someone come over today who is good at finding the baby’s position due to midwife training that she has taken and she also believes she feels Kinleys head down now.

Everyone cross your fingers that she is head down please.

I go on Monday for an ultrasound to verify her position so if they say she is head down then I will have my induction that has been scheduled for weeks on June 24th.  If she is not head down then I guess I will find out at that doctors appt what will happen with the c-section since my hospital is small and only schedules one c-section a day and there are no dates in June left available.


  1. Terra Heck says:

    I wish you and the baby all the best.

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