Douglas Cuddle Toys Review & Giveaway ENDED

Maddy loves to have sleepovers with her grandparents. Usually i just throw her stuff into a plastic bag or two and send her on her merry way to party and do all the fun stuff with her grandparents. This method only mostly works because the bag ends up ripped and thrown in the garbage which i am totally against. Thanks to Douglas Toys now Maddy has one of the cutest sleepover bags I have ever seen to take with her that she absolutely loves and I love because I know it won’t be garbage in 5 minutes.

Douglas Cuddle Toys has quite the selection of kid’s toys, and I have to admit when I was shopping for my review item I had quite the hard time choosing which product we would select.  I didn’t know if we should go with one of the toy dinosaurs for Holden or a sillo purse or one of the other many styles they had for a girls toy purse.  While I was shopping I did find a replacement for Holden’s favorite lil snugglers from when he was an infant, I wanted one to keep and put away for when he has kids of his own, i have a keepsake I bought new for each of my kids to give to their kids.  I am excited that I was able to replace this.  So as I said I did make my decision on the shopping and we bought Maddisyn the adorable sleepover bag, we couldn’t wait to get it here.

Once it arrived it was more perfect then it looked in the pictures, it fit enough clothes for her to go for two days, held her blanket, her book and her Scentsy Buddy that she takes everywhere, although I am trying to get her to replace it with one of the adorable plush dogs so I can have the delicious smell in my room although that is a futile fight.

OK so back to the bag.  As I said it is large enough to fit all of Maddy’s overnight stuff for two days but that also includes a huge fleece blanket, I have no doubt in my mind that I will be able to pack Maddisyn for an entire weekend at camp which is four days at camp and she needs pajamas and enough outfits for the four days plus all the extras for camp like a couple swim suits etc.  The colors on the bag we chose are super adorable and oh so Maddisyn.  The quality is amazing on it and I am confident it will last us for quite a few years to come.  The sleepover bag is 16″ long and 9″ tall with a double carrying handle and a sturdy zipper.  The retail on the sleepover bag is $27.99.

Douglas Cuddle Toys is going to give my readers any product on their website of your choosing.

This giveaway is open US Only.
Ends April 21, 2011 @ 11:59 PM EST
(Winners will have 24 hours to respond to my email before I choose a new winner)

Thank you to Douglas Cuddle Toys for this awesome giveaway.

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    I’d choose one of the stuffed horses–maybe the Montana Mini Spot Horse. They look so soft and cuddly–cute!

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