Dr. Oetker Review & Giveaway Ended ~ Winner announced

I have heard of and used Dr. Oetker products before as I am sure you have.  There is puddings, pies, pizzas, shakes amongst a number of other items.  I received a large box with a TON of Dr. Oetker products, my kids were in heaven we got muffin, pancake and cupcake shakers, puddings, pie mixes and even a pizza coupon.

I took time and made a few of the products before posting this so that I could tell you about making them.  So far we have made the shaker pancakes, the lemon meringue pie and a chocolate pie.  I plan on making cupcakes and muffins probably tonight but with Christmas and them my appliance meltdown I did not get as much made before I posted this.  I will put up a post with some pics and my thoughts on the other products after they are made.  For not though lets talk about the three I did get done.

First – Pancakes

This one was simply to use.  I preheated my griddle and while it was heating up I poured the milk into the shaker up to the line which you can see in the picture below on the back of the bottle and shook it up for the required 60 seconds.  Once shook I took off the lid and started pouring.  This mix was so easy no extra bowls, spoons, measuring cups or anything like that to make an extra mess in the kitchen it all happened in one container on my griddle with a spatula.  Cleanup was wonderful especially for a busy mom of four like me I am always looking for easy and fast.  This made about 10 pancakes and they were gone in the blink of an eye.  So all in all they get a big 8 thumbs up (i have four kids each have two thumbs yeah you get it haha).

Next I moved onto the pies.  Now I must say these were so easy that I was able to do them both in one night and it only took me maybe 45 minutes from start to finish including washing out my pot etc so I could reuse them for the second pie.

Chocolate pie is the one that I started with.  This one required some cold milk and the pouch of mix that came in the box.  I had to cook it on medium high until it came to a boil, then removed it from the oven and let it stand for 5 minutes before pouring it into the already baked pie shell.  Then we put it in the fridge overnight, I also put some saran wrap on the top of it to prevent it from forming a crust, when applying this be sure to get it right the first time, there are no second chances haha.  It does come off easily once cooled though.  We had the pies for dessert after supper and while I found the chocolate pie to be too sweet the rest of my family including Lee strongly disagreed with me.

Once the chocolate pie was done and in the fridge I moved onto the lemon pie.  First I cleaned my pot and stuff since I needed it again to do the lemon pie.  This one did not call for milk but instead required two egg yolks (save the whites you will need them for your meringue).  I had to mix two egg yolks, some cold water, and the pouch together I then added 2 cups of boiling water.  This too went onto the stove and I had to keep it there until it boiled then removed it and let it stand for 5 minutes as well.

While it was standing I went to work on my meringue which was whipping two egg whites until they formed soft peaks, make sure you get no yolks in these or they are harder to get to stand up.  After they formed soft peaks I added some sugar and kept beating them with my mixers until they formed stiff peaks.  I found they were not forming for me so I added some cream of tarter, prob too much since I think I made them too thick it was hard to spread.

Once the lemon filling sat it’s 5 minutes we poured it into the baked, cooled pie shell and topped with the meringue.  This too went into the fridge since we prefer our lemon pie cold and it waited until after supper last night.  Everyone loved this pie, including me.  I thought it was perfect and even had an extra piece before bed.

So all in all the three things I have made so far have been huge hits, super easy on me to make and clean up and although I have not fully priced them I would say the pies are probably about the same as buying store bought if not a little cheaper and you get the satisfaction of bragging that you made them.  I cannot wait to make the rest of the stuff we received and may even make the pudding in a bit here for the kids to have for dessert tonight after supper tonight.

Want to try it for yourself?  Great I have an amazing giveaway for you.

Dr. Oetker is going to give one of my lucky readers a Dr Oetker basket filled with products ($50-60 worth) … 3 coupons for free pizza, shakers, pudding, mousse etc.

This giveaway is open CANADA Only.
Ends Jan 19, 2011 @ 11:59 PM EST
(Winners will have 24 hours to respond to my email before I choose a new winner)

Thank you to Dr. Oetker for this awesome giveaway.

I Disclose


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