Dream Voyagers Hidden Object Game Review

I love hidden object games, I love the challenge they give me, and the brain stimulation.  I can spend hours and hours immersed in a game like this while the kids run wild play with their toys and other siblings.  I was able to play The Dream Voyagers before it was released and it is probably one of my favorite hidden object games (HOG).   I had an 8 hour trial and that was not nearly enough I do plan on purchasing this game as well.  The Dream Voyagers was released on March 24 and I am sure has been a huge hit for all HOG fans.

Soothe troubled sleepers with your magical powers in The Dream Voyagers, a fantastic adventure that starts once your eyes close.

There’s something terribly wrong in the small town of Slumberton. Residents there are experiencing horrible nightmares where their worst fears come true. Haunted by ghosts, by the thought of losing their wealth, and so much more, each is suffering through sleep with no one to help. No one that is, except you.

Help the residents of Slumberton rest easy as you enter their dreams and sprinkle a bit of happiness back in. Clear out the horrors within by traveling through their visions and removing that which scares them so. Use the unique three-way hint system, connect all of their dreams, and figure out the madness causing these strange nightmares. Is there something more sinister behind these unusual happenings?”

I really liked that this game brought you around to different worlds and that you got to make the choice on which area you played, I also liked the fact that I actually felt challenged playing this game and had problems a couple of times finding some hidden objects which is good because that means the game is not so easy you finish it in a day.   The graphics were great as well, not choppy or fake looking, all accurate and each level provided me with a ton of fun, even the kids got into it sitting with me on the couch and helping me look for stuff, getting all excited and calling out the objects they found.  Now each time I am on my computer trying to work they come over and ask me if we can play the hidden game together, which of course right now we cannot since we used up our entire trial but I will be getting it again soon as I said earlier if for nothing else then because it helped to give us something to do as a family.  Sometimes we as a family couldn’t find the objects and so we would have to use one of our hints.

The hints come in three different types.  The first shows you a picture of what you are looking for (so if you are looking for a monkey it would show you the monkey you were looking for).  The second hint will show you the location of three randomly selected items from in your list, so if you only have three objects left and use this hint it will show you where all three objects are.  The last hint shows you the location of one item by dimming the screen so only the spot the item is located is light up, I have had to use this a few times because I am blond.  Your hint meter refills over time so no worry you won’t ever be without hints for long.

All in all I really enjoyed this game and I look forward to more game releases from Gamehouse.

Thank you to Gamehouse for this great product to review.
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