Dunkin Donuts Holiday Coffee Flavors Review

Once again for you coffee Lovers out there. You all know that Lee is a huge coffee drinker and I’m not. He loves all different flavours etc. and is always up for trying somethign new.  Thats where Dunkin Donuts Holiday Flavors come in.  Lee loves Dunkin Donuts coffee and brews itregularly at home and work so when we got the new holiday flavors from them he was very anxious to crack the seal and start brewing.

He tried all 3 right away and has stated that while they are all great his absolute favorite is the Pumpkin Spice.  The  pumpkin spice has just the right amount of flavor in it to be different yet still tasting like a coffee you could drink on a regular basis, and the best part of all while it’s brewing it smells just like pumpkin pie which is a huge hit around here.  His second favorite is the Mocha Mint which was a bit surprising as even though he is partial to almost all flavors of coffee he isn’t all that fond of mint being in it. Finally comes the Vanilla Nut. It’s not last because it’s bad, Lee chose it as his 3rd pick simply because he doesn’t really care for the smell of vanilla and that is very present here. The vanilla smell is not to the point where it’s overwhelming or anything just something you can’t really miss, although the taste is great.

In our family we have a birthday in November, one in December plus multiple Christmas get together.  I cannot wait for our friends and family to come over and try these new coffee flavors with Lee.  We have a Keurig so we can let our guests choose their own flavor and brew them up a delicious cup of coffee fresh without needing three coffee machines on the go.

I love this time of the year the smells are fabulous, the company is great and the laughs are plentiful.  I know that this post was about Dunkin Donuts coffee but really it is about the season as well and I want to share a suggestion i have been doing with friends and family for a few years and find so much easier when it comes to serving treats for the holidays.  In our family we do a Christmas goodies exchange, we let the organizer know who is interested in participating and then we make that many dozen cookies or goodies, 1 dozen per person involved.  We then exchange our cookies and so we really only had to bake one item a bunch of times but we can end up with upwards of 12 dozen different types of treats depending on how many people actually sign up for it. If you are tired of all that holiday baking I suggest you get together with some friend and family and do an exchange of your own, I do not recommend doing more then 12 people because that is a lot of cookies but it makes for some great treats to serve guests and great company in doing the exchange.

I am all for tips and tricks to make the holiday season better so please feel free to share with me what you do to make your holidays easier, more relaxing and more fun.

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  1. Steph A says:

    The Mocha mint sounds really good and fresh for Christmas season. I might have to try it!

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