Dyson DC28 Animal Review

I have four kids, two dogs and a husband can you guess how often I vacuum?  At least once every day sometimes more.  My vacuumed sucked, or rather barely sucked and I really hated it.  It had a tiny canister, did not go so well on my lower piled carpets and got clogged constantly.  Not to mention the pain of trying to find and replace the filter in the dumping canister and don’t get me started on trying to dump the canister without dumping stuff all over the floor.  Then I got a Dyson and everything changed.

Dyson was kind enough to send me the DC28 Animal to review and I was in love before I even turned it on.  Before we vacuumed we used the old machine and went over the floor twice, two weeks prior to this I steam cleaned my rugs so I knew that the floors were good and clean.  After double vacuuming with my old machine we ran the Dyson over the rug and still got 1/2 of a canister full of dirt, this thing is my hero and such a pretty color of purple to boot. 

The Dyson DC28 Animal is an upright vacuum with Airmuscle technology for removing pet hair.  Airmuscle technology is when the DC28 Animal combines three cleaner head technologies, each adjusting to clean every floor type throughly. 

The Dyson DC28 Animal has fingertip controls so you can automatically adjust the height of the brush bar for different flooring types this helps ensure it gets good deep cleaning.  Best of all there is no bending down or struggling with dials to adjust the height. 
This vacuum has a HEPA filter in it for best air filtration, two filters which can be washed and are recommended to be washed once every three months or so, remember my earlier complaint of find the filter for my old machine.  The canister empties from the bottom instead of the top with a simple push of a button the trap door opens and the dirt comes out no trying to keep the filter in while banging the dirt out.
There is a quick draw telescoping wand and an attachment for cleanign off stairs which is great because lets face it, no one likes to haul a vaccum up and down the stairs while playing circus (trying to balance it with one hand while vacuuming with the other).  The bin holds 2.3 litres which is a LARGE amount for me and means I only have to empty once rather then twice while vacuuming.  In the box there was a combination tool, a stair tool, a flat out floor tool and a mini turbine head.  While I have not had the vacuum long enough to fully review those products I will be testing them soon and you can be sure i will write about them. 
The Dyson DC28 Animal also has a super long cord at 10.74M with a reach of 15.91M so i can plug it in, in one location and vacuum my entire main floor without struggling to find an empty outlet somewhere.  It weighs 9.35KG so while I think I would have liked it a little lighter I can understand when looking at it why it weighs what it does.  I love that it is not super loud either so I can vacuum while the babies are sleeping and it does not wake them up which lets face it as parents is an important thing.  With a pricetag of $699 I was a skeptic and wondered why this vacuum was deemed worth that much, but now after owning one I totally get it, my floors feel cleaner, I don’t see dust coming out from my vacuum when i clean my floors and I am just all around super happy with the product.
Thank you to Dyson for providing me the DC28 Animal for review.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. Products in this review were given to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for review only. Opinions in this review are mine and are in NO way influenced by monetary compensation.

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