EA Sports Active More Workouts Review

As I have posted before I am trying to get into shape, I had four kids and let myself go and now I really need to lose the belly and the butt.  I got the chance to work with EA sports on the EA Sports Active More workouts.  I have had several false starts to the 6 week challenge but am starting it again next week.  I felt though that I should post this review and maybe you all can keep me in check this time. 

Keep going on your journey towards better health with EA SPORTS Active More Workouts, the next iteration from the EA SPORTS Active franchise, the proven fitness alternative for the Nintendo Wii. Stay motivated, with over 35 all new exercises and fitness activities that will challenge you and help you obtain results. With all-new cool down/warm up stations, abdominal exercises and a 6 Week Challenge EA SPORTS Active More Workouts is a full body, complete workout experience and a great addition to the EA SPORTS Active family.

With EA Active More you get a warm-up and cool down phase with 4 new exercises designed to warm you up before you got into the heavy workout and then 4 more new ones to help you cool down after you have worked your butt off, literally, to help you stretch your muscles and help you maintain flexibility.   There are also 4 new abdominal workouts that target the mid-section and help you tone your abdominals.  To do the abdominal workouts you place the nunchuck for the WII on the leg strap and get to working.

There is also the 6 week challenge, which is what I am about to start again for the third and hopefully last time next week once we are back from Great Wolf Lodge, I really tried the last two times but life seemed to get in the way and I would never get past the second day1`what .  The six week challenge is a total body workout that is designed to workout all major body parts and is made to adapt to your level of fitness (mine is low) while allowing you to track your fitness progress week by week.  There is also a weekly checkin that lets you track your weight, calories, and workouts then compares them to the previous week so you can see if you are actually making progress. 

EA Active More is fully Compatibility with EA SPORTS Active Personal Trainer so you can get rewarded for your progress with EA SPORTS Active Personal Trainer, More Workouts will transfer your details like age, weight, name and gender. It will also recognize your workout information from the previous 4 weeks with EA SPORTS Active Personal Trainer, so you get to keep your trophies and completed goals.

When you purchase EA Active More you will also receive a nutrition book by Bob Greene that features tips on creating a balanced lifestyle, recipes from the best life cookbook and a daily journal.  EA Active More Workouts can be purchased on Amazon.com for $32.99.  Here is a trailer from YouTube of the EA Active More.

There is also an accessory kit you can get for your EA Active games.  It contains a tension band to help increase the intensity of the bicep curls, shoulder presses and many other accessories.  It also contains the leg strap which allows you to see your movements tracked on-screen.  You need more then one leg strap if you want to workout with more then one person.  The accessory pack containing one leg strap and one resistance strap can be purchased at Amazon.com
for $19.99.

Thank you to EA Sports for this great product to review.
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