Ear aches, whiney kids & Dishwashers

My week has def not been all sunshine and roses, I woke up yesterday morning with a TERRIBLE ear ache, I went to the doctor who informed me my ear was really red inside, gee doc ya think i coulda told you that it feels like someone lit a fire in there.  Talking hurts, drinking hurts, chewing hurts, having a bath or shower hurts I just want it to stop.  I got an antibiotic for these horse sized pills that i can barely swallow because I have a super sensitive gag reflex but I have been forcing them down three times a day, although they do make me feel queasy I need them to feel better and I know it.

Maddisyn has been a world of special these last couple of days throwing temper tantrums, not listening, when asked to clean up toys at the Parent and Family Literacy Center (PFLC) throwing them on the floor.  I am at my wits end, if i put her in time out she has a melt down and shrieks and shrieks if anyone has any advice i am certainly willing to listen because I am not sure what to do.

Holden was always a needy baby, to the point for the first four months if anyone else even mentioned holding him he would cry, i had to carry him everywhere (usually in a sleepy wrap or a sling) he nursed for hours on end until i finally got to the point where i was neglecting my family too much and had to give him some formula to fill him a little more, I also have milk supply issues.  He had been doing better but since he got his needle on Monday we are back to the same old whiney Holden and it was ok until Maddisyn started her tantrums (the two are unrelated as Maddisyn gets the same amount of attention as she used to) and I got my earache.

Now I bet your wonder what the heck does that have to do with dishwashers lol.  Well after being together for nearly 12 years and having 4 kids we finally moved out of our tiny 2 bedroom apartment (3 if you count the small room we converted for Maddisyn towards the end a bedroom) and into our very own house we bought.  The only thing we miss dearly was the dishwasher but thought hey we will all just take turns doing dishes and Chase and Blake can help, well yeah not so much lol it turned into me and Lee doing it and the kids not helping and we got super tired of doing that so for my birthday my super sweet husband took me out tonight in the freezing cold to buy my birthday present a BRAND new dishwasher.  Now we generally don’t buy any large appliances new due to financial constraints, i would love to own a brand new fridge and stove soon as well, but for now the dishwasher is a great start and I am super excited to load it and run it for the first time knowing my dishes are going to be done and i didn’t have to do em lol.

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