Early Birthday Celebration

Last night we went to my dads house to celebrate my birthday early.  I turn 28 on November 23rd and they were going to be busy so would not be able to come to our house for cake so they had us over as well it was my step mothers sister and her sister in laws birthdays all coming up so we celebrated all three at once.  We had a very nice strawberry shortcake type cake and lots of talking and laughing which was a welcome change from our disaster Thanksgiving. 

My dad and stepmother June gave me a card with two gift certificates in it, one to sears and one to the bulk barn.  For my birthday I had asked for cake decorating stuff, Lee and I really enjoy decorating our own cakes for birthdays and occasions and need more supplies so that is what I told everyone I wanted this year.  I am so excited to go pick out some new cake stuff to use and am actually thinking of venturing into the world of fondant with Blakes coming birthday in December.

I am not sure if i have shared our cakes with you all before but I will post some pictures of them in a different blog post.

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