Easy Canvas Prints Review and Giveaway

We take a ton of pictures of the kids, like constantly having a camera in our hand to shoot the pictures of them and share them online.  I am sad to admit though that as far as printing pictures I suck and we NEVER print pictures.  The last time I printed pictures Holden was only a few weeks old in his baptism outfit so over two years ago.  Talk about outdated.  Then I found Easy Canvas Prints and fell in love with the idea of what I could have in terms of pictures for my kids.

We took the kids out to camp when it finally stopped raining and went to my favorite spot to take pictures and then we attempted to shoot a new picture of all four of the kids we really loved.  Taking the picture proved harder then I thought but I finally found a picture that I loved and I was able to order my print.  Ordering was very easy from Easy Canvas Prints and in a matter of a few minutes and some minor adjustments I had a canvas chosen and ordered that I couldn’t wait to receive.

To order it we had to make a few decisions that were not hard at all to decide.

  1. We chose our canvas print size that we wanted to have done, in our case we picked the 18 x 24 canvas priced at 103.89 but currently on sale for $77.92.  On that same page we chose the thickness of our canvas prints.  You can either have 3/4″ which is a standard wrap or 1 1/2″ which is a gallery wrap size, we went with 1 1/2″.  This size costs an additional $23.38.
  2. Next we uploaded the image which was quite simple to do because it was on my computer so I just uploaded it to the site. After choosing the photo and uploading you can preview it and check the photo quality to ensure you are going to get a beautiful print.
  3. Next we chose the border of the print which is what you see on the edge of the canvas.  You can have a mirror image where it mirrors your picture, image wrap which simply wraps your picture around the edge making it seamless around the edge.  Last the option is border color where you can opt to have a solid colored border on your picture that would make it coordinate or match your canvas.  We went with the image wrap because we thought it looked the best in the previews.
  4. Last you choose your optional color finishing or color retouching.  You can stay with your initial image look at no additional cost or for a fee of $11.25 you can upgrade to black and white or sepia tones.  The image retouching allows you to stay with the initial for no fee or for $11.25 do minor retouching or $37.50 do major retouching.  For these options you get a drop down box that allows you to explain what you feel needs retouched in the images.
  5. Add to cart.  That is it, so easy and on each page as you choose the options it updates your total in the top corner to show you how much your canvas costs.

Our canvas was the 18 x 24 with the 1 1/2″ border with image wrap, we did not want it in black and white etc. and it required no retouching so the total came to $135.06 but was on sale so the actual total was $101.29.  The shipping is free on there so there was no additional shipping costs.  Once my order was placed my canvas was received very quickly, I placed my order on 7/7 and received it on 7/18.  It was initially supposed to arrive 7/15 but there was a shipping delay which the company had no control over.

Once we got the canvas and took it out of the box I was blown away.  It was so much more then what we had expected and all of our friends/family that see it tell us how much they love it and our parents are already requesting the prints of their own for their homes.

If you don’t want to order with your own picture Easy Canvas Prints has hundreds of pictures that you can choose from to order one of their prints still.  I really fell in love with a few I think would go great in my living room with my new makeover and keep being drawn back so I have a strong feeling I am going to end up ordering from them again in the very near future.

I give Easy Canvas Prints 2 thumbs up and would order from them again and again.

Easy Canvas Prints is going to give one lucky Jabbering Jessi reader a print of their own

Tell me about the picture you would use for your canvas win, if you don’t have one yet then tell me what you envision it to look like.

Please make sure to leave separate entries for each thing, if it says you get 5 entries please leave 5 comments. 1 entry per method unless otherwise specified

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Thank you to Easy Canvas Prints for this awesome giveaway.

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  1. I’d love one that looks like a place in Key West I went to. It was so beautiful and this would look so great on my wall.

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  8. sandy says:

    my kids blowing bubbles in the sunset

  9. Kristen says:

    I would use a beautiful photograph of some tiny bluish-purple flowers!

  10. Tari L. says:

    I am not really sure yet. I need a new picture to hang over my bed in my bedroom. There is a sunset picture I took on our last family vacation that I might use.

  11. Tari L. says:

    I am a GFC follower.

  12. shirley fin says:

    my family holiday photo

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  18. Janel M. says:

    I would use a picture of my oldest dog, Danzig, whom I’ve had since he was 4 mos. old. He’s now 12 and slowing down at a rapid pace. I know I won’t have him much longer. I bought my husband a canvas print when his dog passed away, and I see the print and realize what a wonderful rememberance it can be.

  19. Janel M. says:

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  23. sustahl says:

    I don’t have a picture yet that I would put into the canvas print, but it would definitely need to be one of my husband, son and I with beautiful scenery in the background.

  24. sustahl says:

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  27. Kele says:

    I have a picture of my 2 grandsons and they are watching the kids play at the park while eating their pb&j. It is so cute and to me timeless!!!!!!

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  35. Denise Grier says:

    I have the perfect picture of my son and his family for this Canvas, it is last Christmas and it would be perfect!

  36. Andrea says:

    I would use a sweet picture of my 3 month old daughter for above her crib!

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  42. Andrea says:
  43. Monique Rizzo says:

    A pic of my daughter holding hands with Minnie Mouse.Thanks for the chance.

  44. Kele says:
  45. Briann Neeley says:

    i have a baby due in October and would love to get a picture of big sister holding her baby sister

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