Easy Piano DS Review

My boys each have a Nintendo DS and it has been a life saver for us on long car rides and rainy days at camp.  Not only are they good for providing entertainment to our kids but we have also found some great games that the kids can use to learn different stuff like the brain age games, and the virtual tutor games.  I can get them to play these games even though they are admittedly educational and I have been informed that MOMMMMMMM we only learn when at school.  I informed them that they will learn when I say they will learn and they will like it.  When I brought home the Easy Piano for the Nintendo DS I was not sure how they would react but figured they would be willing to at least give it a shot because it is after all for mommy’s work.

The boys took the piano out and the first thing I noticed was how plastic the part felt, I mean I know that is made out of plastic but it felt more like something my kids could break in a day and so I was not sure this was going to go well at all.  But I am proud to say that the piano can withstand much more then I had thought and is doing quite well still through Chase, Blake, Maddisyn and me playing it and Holden getting ahold of it once and banging it on the table.

First let me say I fail miserably at this game which is not surprising since I have never been able to read music no matter how hard I have tried to learn, and trust me I have tried my dad is a guitar builder/player and I have been raised around it.  Thankfully whatever I am missing that does not allow me to learn music my children must have double of because the boys are amazing at playing the guitar, trumpet and now the piano on their DS.

Easy Piano makes you a musician with very little space, no big pianos to make room for and this one won’t break your back when you take it places with you.  You can create and save up to three songs of your own and play them back on 5 instruments.  You can learn to read music from the instructors within the game, I have noticed Chase and Blake have improved on that since playing this game.  You can practice and get great at the songs in quick game mode and also master your skills in 10 different mini-games.  All in all my opinion of this greatly changed from the time we took it out of the box until now, and I would recommend it to anyone, as a matter of fact Lee’s niece “L” has a birthday coming up and I think that we will be getting her this for her birthday since we had no other ideas prior to this.

Easy Piano DS was released on March 30th and can be bought at Walmart or on Amazon.com.

Thank you to Valcon Games for this great product to review.
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