Elf Magic, Tradition At-A-Glance

Elf Magic is the booming tradition where Santa’s “magic” Elves visit children’s homes during the Christmas season. The visiting Elf comes to life at night to embark on all kinds of adventures – the remnants of which surprise children when they awake the next morning. Elf Magic Elves are also very sweet and enjoy being held and loved throughout the day. While some of the Elves have mischievous streaks from time to time, Santa knows which Elf will be the best fit for each family. So whether a family wants excitement or simply companionship from their Elf, Santa will make sure the right Elf arrives at that home.

The Elf Magic tradition begins with a child writing a letter to Santa Claus requesting an Elf Magic friend to visit through the holiday season.

Before going to bed, the child will place the Elf’s favorite snack of crackers and ice water on the kitchen counter to lure the Elf. Why crackers and ice water, you ask? Because Elves’ favorite snack is a reminder of their snowy home – the ice water is melting North Pole Snowflakes and the crackers sound like crunching snow!

To the surprise of the child, the Elf magically appears at the child’s home between Thanksgiving and the days leading up to Christmas … once the Elf has finished all of his or her work at the North Pole. Be sure to check for the snowflake on the Elf’s heart – that’s how you’ll know it’s an authentic Elf Magic Elf!

An Elf Magic Elf comes with a poem and tips that explain the tradition, along with Magic North Pole Snowflakes, which the child sprinkles on the Elf each night to bring him or her to life. This is the time when the Elf goes on all types of adventurous Elfcapades from cookie baking, gift wrapping and hiding in freezers (because the Elves love the frosty temperature!).

All the fun doesn’t happen at night – Elf Magic Elves love to be held and loved throughout the day. Their visit is only for a short time, so playing with the Elf Magic Elf makes their stay even more special and creates family memories that will last a lifetime.

Elves return to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve to help deliver toys around the world; but don’t fret, as the Elves will return again next Christmas to create more fun‐filled memories. Elf Magic Elves are so endearing, they become the child’s best friend! Because of this, Elves have been known to show up for brief visits throughout the year as a surprise for special events, like birthdays, the first day of school or even on family vacations!

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  1. Betty N says:

    I read your next post before I read this one…what is the cost of the elf/poem/etc? This just seems like such a fun thing to do with younger children as well as being a great way to occupy the time waiting for Christmas.

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