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I shared before a mission I was on to find Equal sweetener at one of our very popular coffee shops.  Tonight that mission continued onto McDonalds which thrilled the kids.

Tonight was our eat out night, we don’t do this often but if the kids are behaving and do something good then they get it as a treat once every week or two. We asked the kids where they wanted to go and we chose McDonalds. Lee and I talked over what exactly we wanted to do before we choose our location. In my city we have three McDonalds locations, one has a play land in it, one does not and one is in our mall which is in a food court and is just a food counter that you order from in a row of other food places. We decided that the kids could use the play place to burn off some steam so opted for that location.

Out for supper tonight we each got our favorites which is one big reason I love going out for supper because then they are not stuck eating whatever I decide we are having that night. Maddy got chicken nuggets, Holden got a grilled cheese (I love that McDonalds offers this because Holden doesn’t eat anything else), Blake had a Big Mac, I had a McChicken and Lee had an angus burger. The food was very good and the service prompt so that was a for sure plus in my books. We even had a spill that was promptly cleaned up although the squeegee for the mop was missing so the floor ended up soaking wet around our table but that’s ok.

I inquired to see what kind of low calorie sweetener options they had and was told they had splenda, sweet and low and then just regular sugar. I have friends and family who are diabetic so they have to use sweeteners as opposed to sugar and who prefer equal, I am actually quite sad that no one offers Equal as I know that most of my friends and family prefer this and have to carry it themselves.

As part of this posting I was supposed to speak to a manager, leave a comment card or leave a comment online. While our restaurant was a mad house and had two birthday parties and a ton of people I could not get a manager as they were super busy and honestly I was ok with that because the manager was serving customers and I would have been upset if I had to wait so someone else could ask some questions.  They also had no comment cards so I went online as soon as we got home and left the suggestions on the website through a customer satisfaction survey just to ensure my thoughts were being passed on.

For more information be sure to check out Equal and McDonalds in the following ways:

“This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions expressed are my own!”



  1. courtney b says:

    mm that big mac looks so good! now i need some mcdonalds!

  2. Great photos, hope you had a lovely time!!

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