I love learning about and exploring new websites and have been lucky enough to have the chance to do this quite a bit lately.  I recently came across Erento and thought that I would share it with you all especially my UK readers.  Erento is a website where you can go and find things for hire and wow is there a lot of leads on there.

I love the look of the Erento website because it is neatly organized into categories so there is no hunting and searching you can go directly to what you are looking for and get the information for a ton of businesses that you can hire that particular service for.  There are 12 main categories down the side and then under each of them you can choose what you are looking for in particular for example I looked as though I wanted a steam cleaner hire.  So I went to tools>cleaning technology>carpet cleaner from there I was able to see the cleaner, manufacturer, how many locations had that item and the cost to rent that particular piece of equipment.  I thought that was super cool but just to be sure (and because I thought it was fun) I searched again.  This time I searched under parties, trade fair and events>childrens event and was able to find so many fun things for kids parties.

I know that I do not live in the UK but I really wish that I did because I have never seen a website as easy as Erento to navigate nor as informative.  I am very jealous and encourage my UK readers to go ahead and add this to your favorites because I think that it will be most helpful to you.

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