Ester-C 24/7 Moms Contest

I take a vitamin C supplement to help stave off the cold, the reason I do this is because I have four kids and an extremely busy household that I need to care for, if i am sick I do not get a day off so I need to suffer through the day sick, miserable and barely functioning because that is the way that things go for me.  My husband works and I choose to stay home but as I said with that I don’t get a sick day and I do not expect him to take the day off work due to me having a cold.  Ester-C is a great supplement from all I have read and from what I have experienced in my very short time trying it.  I will do a follow up post about this but so far so good on the Ester-C.

Right now though I want to share with you the Ester-C contest which i have posted the image of above and you can click on that to take you directly to the contest page.  All you have to do to enter is shoot a quick video (30 seconds or less) or submit a photo with an essay (150 words or less) telling Ester-C why you are a 24/7 mom.

The prizes for this contest are amazing the grand prize is a 7-night Mediterranean cruise, first place is 24 spa treatments and second prize is 24 days of house-cleaning services. .

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