Every parents nightmare – My crib broke

Every parents worst nightmare, your baby crib breaks on you. This happened to us with Holden a couple of months ago, my not even two year old crib just broke. No it was not a recall broke, the side snapped completely off the darn thing. I was so upset, it was his nap time and I was changing his crib and I leaned over the edge and barely touched the side and it broke on me, I can only say I am thankful it happened when I was making his bed and not when I had put him in it as he had a habit of standing up at the side of his crib and shaking the heck out of it yelling when he woke up.

So yeah once the crib broke I then had to go through the fun of replacing it.  As I said it was nap time so you can imagine how fun the crib shopping was in the first place because Holden had not slept and really needed it.  So Lee left work and we went off looking at baby cribs.  This was not going to be a fun trip I could already feel it.  We had decided we did not want an expensive crib because Holden will be getting his big boy bed for Christmas this year.  Not wanting expensive was apparently the wrong way to go though haha.  We went to three stores locally, one only had super expensive cribs, the other two had only had nursery sets which included the crib, change table and dresser and was absolutely not what we wanted, we already had all that we just wanted the crib.

Thankfully on our last trip to the last store we could think of and even consider dragging Holden to before he exploded from exhaustion and frustration.  In this one last ditch attempt we managed to find three suitable cribs, one was a convertible crib, the other was an ugly white crib and last but not least was a beautiful espresso sleigh style crib that was on sale for a killer deal.  Since we had already went the route with the convertible cribs with Maddisyn and never ended up converting it I went with the gorgeous sleigh crib.

We bought the crib, flew drove really fast home, cleared his broken crib out put his new crib together and had him napping in record time.  The only complaint that I have with my new fabulous crib is the bolt that holds the front rail on sometimes backs off some, but it shakes and I can hear it and fix it before it becomes a concern, I just need to put some lock tight on the bolt but have not gotten around to buying a can, just added it to  my weekly shopping list though.

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