Everyone needs a coupon now and then!!!

I love to use coupons.  I have a large family by the standards of this day and age so coupons are what keep us from going totally broke, OK not really but they do allow me ot continue shopping if I want to and save some money which I can then spend elsewhere.  CouponCodeUSA.com is a great source of coupons for more then just groceries.

It is very user friendly you can get on there and search for over 1000 coupon codes, deals and discounts.  You can find discounts for great stores like Amazon.com, Old Navy, Target and so many more.  Lee hates me shopping online because I always find such awesome deals, but he loves me to use coupons when I coupon especially with a new baby coming our expenses are going up.  I find that the more I coupon and the more I save the happier we are in our daily life.  We don’t stress about money and we do live on a budget created to leave us with savings after each pay day.

If you don’t coupon at least part time I recommend you check it out, you don’t have to use coupons like those people on TLC who do nothing but use coupons and if they don’t have a coupon they don’t buy an item but it is certainly useful if you can find coupons for the stuff you buy normally like shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, clothing and so much more.

Life will be more peaceful and you will be happier having saved money, I love the extra bounce in my step when I have made significant savings.  Do you use coupons?  What has been your biggest savings?  Care to share any tips with me and my readers?

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  1. courtney b says:

    i dont go ANYWHERE without a coupon!!

  2. Elena says:

    I always use coupons. I like to double coupons to maximize savings.

  3. A.Smith says:

    I never used to be the type to use coupons but since I became a mother and have to watch my pennies I can’t understand why everybody doesn’t use them. For instance a bottle of Tylenlol can be quite expensive until you throw a coupon for $3-5 in there – it really adds up to huge savings over time.

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