Evolve Showerhead Review & Giveaway ENDED

If you’re like me you can appreciate a great shower head, theres nothing worse than one with not enough pressure or one with too much pressure. The Water Lilly from Evolve is just that..A GREAT shower head, We we’re sent the Water lily in Chrome finish (also available in brushed Nickle) and we installed it and started using it right away. Even The older kids wanted to try out the new shower, and couldnt wait so they got in first and Loved it. Chase words when he got out were “It’s awesome it Doesnt Hurt like our old one”. in the past I’ve used more than one Rain style shower head and always felt as if there just wasnt enough pressure from it and some took forever to manage to get the shampoo out of your hair. The water Lily is gentle yet still strong enough to get all that shampoo out. As well as having the rain setting it also has a pulsating massage setting and a combination Rain/Massage setting. We’ve mostly had it on the Rain setting since installing it but have tried the Massage as well and it’s fantastic.

Equipped with ShowerStart™ technology, the Water Lily from Evolve has the ability to save $75 in utility bills and 2,7000 gallons of water wasted per year based on an average family of 3 showering daily. ShowerStart™ monitors the water temperature when you first turn on your shower and once it reaches 95°F (35°C)the water slows to a trickle so you’re hot water isnt running down the drain before you are ready, allowing you to brush your teeth, let the dog out, lay out your kids clothes etc., while your shower warms up. once you’re ready to get in simply turn on the cold water, pull the cord on the valve, test the temperature and hop in!

Evolve is a company driven by a set of beliefs from their own personal experiences and behaviours. They do their best to recycle, they try to drive less and walk more, combine shopping trips to be more efficient but still own SUV’s. They try to save water but sometimes forget to turn off the water while brushing their teeth etc., They feel they are right down the middle, normal everyday people.

Evolve believes:
– There is a growing desire by people to live more environmentally aware lifestyles.
– using innovation and technology is better and more effective than asking for sacrifice and behavior change as means of saving water and energy. For example, don’t ask people to give up their SUVs, offer them an affordable hybrid SUV instead.
– Successful eco-friendly products will win in the marketplace because they have superior quality, design and features. In other words they thrive because they are simply great products, not solely because they are better for our environment.
– Eco-friendly products will be widely adopted by mainstream consumers if they are inexpensive to purchase, easy to install, convenient to use and offer quick payback times. For example compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) on the whole have the ability to save more energy than solar panels. Why? Because CFLs are economical, perform well and can be put in by anyone in just a few seconds.

This is why Evolve set out to create ShowerStart™ technology and the Evolve line of eco-friendly showerheads.

Not only does Evolve have Rain showerheads but they also have a range of other eco-friendly shower heads such as handheld showerheads, standard showerheads and low flow shower heads as well.

Head on over to Evolve and pick up a new eco-friendly water saving showerhead today.  You can get the waterlily in the chrome polish finish for $69.95 or the brushed nickle for $74.95.
Evolve is going to give one of my readers the Waterlily Showerhead.

Go to Evolve and tell me which other showerhead you like.

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Thank you to Evolve Showerheads for this awesome giveaway.

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