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Every mom needs a hobby I think to help keep them sane. I have a couple hobbies so I spread myself around and don’t get bored with one or the other. I love to paint, knit, sew and do some wood working stuff. Thanks to my crafting hobbies I also have kids who love to do crafts so I am always shopping around for good priced craft supplies. We go through so much with the four kids and myself that it can get spendy otherwise.

I was recently introduced to Factory Direct Craft and I am absolutely thrilled with the amount of kids craft items they have and how very affordable they are. Our craft box was getting low but I do plan on going forward and replenishing it by buying from Factory Direct Craft. They have a super huge selection of craft foam sheets, these are our favorites because you can make anything from crowns and hats to door knob hangers, book marks, picture frames and so much more. Really , with kids crafts , the sky is the limit. The selection of pom poms, beads, glitter, googly eyeballs, pipe cleaners and even cooking supplies really does surprise me as I have rarely seen a craft store online carry that many items for the prices you can get at Factory Direct Craft.

I was also thrilled to see that they carry painting supplies, as I exclaimed “oh my I am in love” my husband just looked at me and sighed. He knows what’s coming but honestly I cannot pass up the selection and since I am ordering kids stuff I might as well order paint supplies right?

While you are there you should absolutely proceed with caution when you go and check out the Home Decor section of the site because honestly I could shop there all day and not even think twice about it. They have some really great pieces including picture frames, lighting, curtains, decorative plates and stands and even ceiling tiles which I need to order for the rec room. I could go on and on and on and make this post 1000 words long but I am keeping you from actually going and looking yourself there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

So if you are looking for a good place to buy craft supplies online in a range including paint supplies, kids crafts, candle and soap making, jewelry making and so much more then please go and check out Factory Direct Crafts for their craft supplies, I assure you I wasn’t disappointed and I doubt you will be either. Again I caution you that the Home Decor and Decoration section could keep you on the site for hours so grab a drink, clear your calendar and don’t forget a bib to collect the drool which you will surely do over some of the absolutely gorgeous pieces.

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  1. A.Smith says:

    Oh my goodness, you may have just opened a can of craft worms for me because I have a slight addiction. Great prices on that site, thanks.

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