Fan Hoover on facebook and they will donate $1 per fan to Cleaning for a Reason

Hoover is partnering up with an amazing organization called Cleaning for a Reason.  While I was in Chicago I had the great honor of meeting the husband/wife team Debbie and Steve Sardone behind this great organization.  They are sweet, caring, and just awesome I don’t know how else to explain them.  Selfless, busy, and just awesome is another way to explain them.

Cleaning for a Reason is an organization that helps women in both Canada and the United States who have been diagnosed with Cancer, not just breast cancer but any form of the beast.  How do they help you ask?  Well they are working with maid services from all over the two countries and they are providing free housecleaning to women who are in need, they take care of your house so that you can take care of you.  Everyday Monday-Thursday you can go on starting at noon and apply for the cleaning service (up to 50 applications per day), you must of course make sure they have a cleaning service in your area before you apply.

Are you a maid service and want to offer your services?  Go to the Maid Services page and fill out the form, remember you are doing this for free but you will be thanked forever in the hearts of all those that you are able to help.

I plan on talking to you more about Cleaning for a Reason in another post but for now the reason for this post is simple, I want you all to go and fan Hoover on facebook. For every fan that Hoover gets they are going to donate $1.00 to Cleaning for a Reason up to 25,000 fans, lets all work hard together and help get those numbers up and make Hoover pay (said in the nicest way possible).

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