Fill in the Blankie….a Fraud?

UPDATE: It looks like nothing has changed and he has still at it.  Please spread the word to your friends, families, readers etc.  Blog it, tweet it, put it on your Facebook.  Lets force him to shut down and stop ripping people off.

I would like to preface this by saying I NEVER write negative posts if I can help it and it takes a lot for me to do so, if you are a regular reader of mine you will know this.  But in this case I feel like this is something that needs to be shared with everyone.

I was so excited a company I could get a personalized adorable blanket for Kinley on.  So on February 17th after finding out the gender of our new baby and naming her I placed an order with Fill in the Blankie.  The total of this order was just about $150 for a blanket and a stuffed toy to go in it.  Now it was time to wait for it to be made and sent.  I am a very patient person as I know things take time but on the Fill in the Blankie website this is what they say about production and shipping:

How long will it take to get my blanket?

-Normal production is 5-7 business days. Rush production is 1-2 business days.
-Regular shipping takes 2-3 business days. Express takes 1-2 business days.
-So, you could get it as early as 2 business days, or up to 10, depending on what you chose.

So by the timing they have given here since I chose normal production my blanket should have been made between February 24-28th.  Then the shipping it should have been here between March 1st and 5th.

On March 6th I sent an email to the company because my blanket was still in production.  I quickly received this auto reply:

Just a FYI that we really did receive your email.

And truth be known — email truly is the easiest way to get in touch with us these days.

We’re busy as little Swedish bees — working on blankie orders in back.

If you would be so kind — just give us the benefit of one business day to look into your inquiry and get back to you with a thoughtful (and hopefully helpful) response and update.

Thanks again so much for your email (and the order)!

Very best regards,

Your friends at Fill In The Blankie

This was a total line as I did not hear back from them so 4 business days later I emailed again and this time I didn’t even get an auto-reply.  I then called three days in a row and left messages which all went unanswered.  So then as a last ditch effort of something I would never do I posted on their Facebook wall.

After I posted on their wall I went back a bit later to see if there had been a response and instead I find that my comment is deleted and I can no longer post on their Facebook wall.  I check with another blogger friend to see if it is just me and she says that she can indeed post on the wall so they have banned me from posting on their wall, awesome.

I keep randomly checking their Facebook wall hoping to see something on there from them explaining the unprofessional attitudes in not answering emails, phone calls or anything of the sort but instead I see more and more people posting about their blankets, or two or three that they ordered never coming only to go back later and find these comments deleted.

I posted about this in a blogging community I belong in and have found many dissatisfied bloggers and I am sure customers.  I actually feel really terrible for the people who ordered blankets for 100+ dollars only to be treated like this.

In case you didn’t make it through all my time lines I am going on nearly 2 months now after ordering this blanket without receiving it, any communication response, being banned from commenting on their Facebook wall and I am not expecting it to come but please do not get swindled by this company, make sure others are getting their orders before you place yours.

If you have been a customer or on the receiving end of a blanket from Fill in the Blankie please feel free to share your experience whether it be good or bad, I really do want to hear from you all, in a comment please just remember I reserve the right to remove cuss words from the posts as this is a family friendly blog and I would like to keep it clean.


  1. Andrea says:

    I received my blanket for review in a timely manner but I thought it was overpriced and cheaply made. Their CEO left a comment on my blog post justifying the negative things in my post. They aren’t an upstanding company and I wouldn’t do business with them.

    Great post Jessi!

  2. Kathryn says:

    It is always good to get feedback about products, negative or positive. Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Cat Davis says:

    That’s beyond disappointing for something that costs so much. Hopefully you weren’t charged or at least able to get a refund. It amazes me how businesses forget about customer service. Shameful!

  4. I’ve never bought from them but have heard this same thing about them before- more than once, actually! Thank you for spreading the word so others don’t get taken on this.

  5. Beth says:

    That is so upsetting! I hope you decide to dispute the charge with your credit card company!! I hope this a good warning for other moms to be and baby shower shoppers!

  6. Stacie says:

    That is so frustrating when a company does something like this. Can you get your money back?

  7. 2 years ago Mr. Todd Lily tried to work me over. I see he is still at it.

    I’m sorry!

  8. Jessi says:

    Actually it was a gift card I had so I am not out any money persay but I hate that other people are and so I wrote this post to share that this is happening and people need to know and be careful who they buy from.

  9. ShellieAndBrutus says:

    You’re not the only one. I’ve read other posts that posted the same thing. The BBB has a bad report on them as well.

  10. Maryann says:

    That is terrible. And that sounds like way too much money!

  11. Karla Sceviour says:

    This is the 3rd blog I have heard the same thing about them.awful!! 🙁

  12. Hanan says:

    I remember reading negative reviews about this company on other blogs…so you’re not alone! Thank you for posting this, because people need to know!!

  13. Nicole says:

    That is horrible, I wish companies would take the time to answer their customers, because after all they are nothing without customers. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Fill In The Blankie is STILL refusing to fulfill the giveaway prize from a contest I hosted back in December. Instead of doing what’s right, they’ve simply changed their Twitter account from @FillintheBlankie to @FillntheBlankie. If their tactics annoy/anger you too, then please share this post so that no one else will have a bad experience with this company either. They currently have LIVE reviews/giveaways going on right now, so please share!

  15. What a shame that people do things like this!! I would be livid if I spent that kind of money and got no response!!

  16. Kenda says:

    Thankfully, I’ve never ordered from them. I’m seeing more and more reports like this lately. If you get a high demand and you can’t produce as quickly – then you change your details on your site and communicate with your customers. I hope you get some resolution on this!

  17. Billie says:

    How disappointing. I would expect them to at least acknowledge your complaint, but they sound like a shady company.

  18. I just read another post about them last week… can’t recall {google search will tell you} what it was but wow, another negative experience? Noted to never order!!

  19. Betty Baez says:

    Well your not the only who’s posted bad about them, definitely distasteful of them, bad business!

  20. Kristen says:

    I was the winner of a GC from this company on another blog. I never received it and I have had the same experience trying to contact them….they do not answer emails or phone calls EVER. The blogger also tried to contact them, with no result.

  21. Elena says:

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s good to read negative reviews to know which companies to avoid.

  22. Stephanie says:

    Same exact thing is happening to me. They are a horrible company and I am reporting them to BBB.

  23. Kathy says:

    I just contacted my credit card company for a refund. I ordered a blankie on July 27, 2012 (they were paid on July 30). I am a repeat customer. My 3 year old grandson doesn’t go anywhere without his blankie and I had NO problems 3 years ago so I was very excited and happy to order one for our granddaughter who is to arrive in October. The baby shower is in September so I gave them enough time for delivery. I also received the auto-reply. But they have avoided my calls and emails. Enough is enough. Bad, bad, service. I’m pretty sure they are going out of business but should not have taken my money if they could not deliver. An update would have been nice. Disgraceful.

  24. Becky says:

    I placed an order on July 30 for my fifth blankie from them after never having any trouble with them. My card was charged a day later and after many, many emails and phone calls I am without my order. My bank is now filing paperwork to dispute the charge and attempt to get my money back and I also filed a complaint with the Texas attorney generals office.
    Yesterday an email from fill in the blankie showed up in my inbox and I thought maybe this was a response finally. Well, it was not, it was an offer for 50% off of gift certificates.
    Todd Lilly is running a scam and should be ashamed of the business that he is running. The sad part is my son who just turned 1 is really attached to his blankie and that is why I was ordering another one to have just in case anything happens to the first.
    I wish I had looked into this before I placed my order this time.

  25. Anon says:

    I used to work there. I could tell you a lot of things about that company regarding their business, but I don’t feel that it is appropriate to voice outloud. If you would like to get in contact with me, I would be more than happy to give you a behind-the-scenes look.

    • Tracy says:

      Please contact me regarding fill in the blankie.

      • Christina says:

        Please contact me too. I am waiting and waiting and no one will reply to anything. I am at wits end. I had no problem with them 3 years ago, but it seems something went wrong there.

    • nicole says:

      Hi Anon – I have been buying from fillintheblankie since 2006 and now I have not received my blankets I purchased in December 2012.
      Please contact me

      • pat says:

        I had a lot of problems with my order and customer service. Found a blanket on NanaBoutique on Etsy that is much better quality than that I received from Fill in… I plan on having this embroidered locally. Stores such as Joann Fabric often can help you find someone to embroider. Hope that helps for future.

  26. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    I have heard this about this company from other bloggers too. It is so wrong and and disgusting.

  27. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Wow!Thank You for the information! I have a new grand to “spoil” coming soon and this company will definitely be off my list for gifts.

  28. Betty Baez says:

    Wow! I can’t even count how many bad reviews I’ve heard from this company this is one thing I love about the blogosphere because you get to hear about what to stay away from and what products are worth purchasing. To think last Christmas I was going to order from them until I noticed the complaints

  29. TAuer says:

    I’m going through this now! I placed an order on October 3 and have not received the blanket. I sent several emails and get the automatic response and then tracked down a phone number that goes into voicemail and no one calls me back. When I became suspicious, I googled the company and found your blog. I’m so mad at myself for not checking this company out earlier as I’m out $120. It’s a total scam! I don’t understand how this can happen in today’s environment. I’m going to alert the Better Business Bureau. What a huge rip off!

  30. stacey says:

    I am going through the same experience now. I ordered this blanket for a friend’s new baby in July. I just thought that they had their hands full so had not heard if they received the blanket. When I finally asked they said they had not. I tried for months to contact the company. No reply. I am now working with my credit card company to get reimbursed, but would love to be able to shut this scam down.

  31. Renee says:

    I placed an order on October 24th 2012 with standard delivery. Over a month later I sent that an email asking about my order status and got the regular automated response that someone will get back to me. Never heard back. Today December 12, 2012 I left a message and told them I will be contacting my bank if I don’t hear back from them!

  32. Christina says:

    I am also waiting on a November order. I never checked them out because we have a number of blankets fro them and never had a problem until this one. Our last three blankets arrived promptly with great service. Not sure what happened, but wish I would have through to check them out before I ordered this one. it just never occurred to me things could have gotten so bad. The thing that makes me mad is that I really want the darn blanket and would be happy with just that at this point.

    • Anon says:

      I am sorry everyone has had terrible luck receiving their blankets. The business is extremely small with very few people working there. The owner typically has a million and one other things going on so the business aspect seems to fall by the wayside. I do hope that everyone who ordered a blanket gets theirs eventually or at the very least their money back.

      If you would like to know more, please feel free to email me. econ.edyq [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

      • Kaeley says:

        Okay, but that’s NOT acceptable! If the business is small and the order input is greater than the business’ output, you need to either expand and hire more people or you need to put restrictions on how many orders can be placed and NOTIFY THE CUSTOMER.

        As someone educated in business, I know a million people who would kill to be in a position of a successful business that is bursting at the seams, growing rapidly. If the owner can’t handle it, or maybe in this case WON’T, he needs to sell or shut down. There’s no reason this many people should be unsatisfied.

        If this is really and truly the case, I and the 20-30 referrals I give them a year (I work at a toy store, believe me, I see plenty of moms and have recommended this company), can AND SHOULD take our business elsewhere.

  33. nancy says:

    I am tryng to order a blankie from fill in the blankie and have called 4 times and no response. I had questions on the color. I then tried to e-mail which didn’t work and then decided to just order. Put in all my info and the cc didn’t work. Tried another, same thing. Then tried PayPal. That didn;t work either. Wondering if they are out of business…

  34. Ashley says:

    I am really sad and confused. In 2009 I purchased two blankets from them and they arrived quickly and were beautiful so on November 16, 2012 I needed another gift and decided to buy another one and then after making my purchase (you can only order one at a time) I got the 10% discount message and decided to order another one this time for myself (really for my son). Now it has been almost two months and I have not received any blankets and I have called and emailed several times over the last 6 weeks and have NEVER received any response. What I find so strange is why did I get my order in 2009 and now I can’t even get a email or phone call. I am an attorney so they will be sorry they messed with me. Please keep posting if others have any helpful info. Best of luck to you all. I hate people that steal from others!

    • michelle natalino says:

      i can’t believe i fell for this also. I have been waiting for an order placed in December. Can someone please tell me how I would go about disputing credit card charge? (what documentation do I need??)

    • Kaeley says:

      I, too, have ordered from them twice before, both with wonderful results. This time I bought one of the half off gift certificates in early May 2012 anticipating the birth of my first nephew. I ordered in early December (my sister had a Thanksgiving baby!). I never expected it by Christmas but I didn’t expect to still be here end of January with no responses!

      Bananas. I don’t know what happened…

  35. Michele Abrams says:

    Hi ladies,
    I’m just wondering if the blankets did ever arrive. I ordered a blankie on Dec 2,2012 and after 2 emails and a phone call I have no idea what’s going on. At this point I just want to know if it will ever come. Thanks

    • Christina says:

      Nope. I ordered on 11/27 and nothing. They will not answer any calls. I filed a complaint with the AG in Texas, since they are not at all concerned about their F rating at BBB.

  36. Kaeley says:

    Sorry for the multiple postings but I’d like to let you guys know this just showed up on their Facebook page (not that it makes anything better… grumble):

    Dear FITB Friends and customers…

    Between the holidays, the holiday rush of orders and being temporarily running short staffed (Betty just had knee replacement surgery on Jan 2) — we’ve been running just trying to keep our head above water.

    I brought in some additional help this week and we’re getting caught up.

    So — please forgive us if we’ve been unable to respond to any inquiries on the status of you order — but, wanted to make sure that you knew that we had not forgotten about you… And that your business (and order) is critically important to us.

    Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding during this rough stretch.

    The worse is just about behind us.

    • Christina says:

      That is from 2012 if you look at the date. So it is over a year old and gives me no hope of getting my blanket.

  37. Juley says:

    I encourage everyone to file a complaint with the AG in Texas. Enough complaints will warrant them looking into it more and possibly shutting them down and charging them with fraud.

  38. The Enforcer says:

    Check out this link for some laughs:

    This is the owner’s linked in profile. Also, I would recommend either contacting the TX AG OR contact Dallas PD directly… ask for the fraud unit. Also, you can contact your local postal inspector(he is using the post office for shipping). Do it immediately… get this guy to do right or get him in jail.

  39. The Enforcer says:

    Also try contact Dallas area news stations. Give them a tip and maybe they will investigate this guy and put it on the news. Just make sure you tell them the truth… do not embelish anything. You can try

  40. MommieDre says:

    I have also ordered blankets in the past, about 4 years ago and had no problem at all. I ordered a blanket for a Baptism gift in early March and never received a confirmation email or order number. Up to now I have not received the blanket and the only record of the transaction was the $86 posted through the PayPal account on my credit card statement.
    I emailed the company and received an auto-reply as well. I also googled the company and found that there are numerous complaints from the BBB for this company, especially for non-delivery of products. I immediately filed a complaint. Here’s the website:
    I hope to hear back from the company regarding my order, but from all the comments above, it looks like I’m probably not going to receive my blanket any time soon AND I had $86 stolen from me.

  41. Marsha says:

    I ordered from fil the blankie for my first granddaughter’s baptism, it came promptly and was beautiful! So when our second granddaughter was baptized I wanted to purchase one just like it. I new I was down to two weeks. So I paid for the expedited service and the expedited shipping, it ended up around 180.00 dollars. I started calling when it didn’t show up on schedule. No answers, I tried email, No responses. I did this for two months. On the upside, I paid with pay pal, so I filed a grievance, Pay pal found that my claim was just and refunded my money!!! I always try to use pay pal for this reason. My family has a small business and we take on more than we should at times, but if it takes all of us working 18 hour days we get the job done and to our customer in the timeline they request! I would say no response in over six months is in no way, good business! They should be shut down!!! I think they are finding they are making good money and not having to do the work, so why go back to conducting good business? I think someone needs to stop them from ripping people off!!!!!!

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