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With the four kids I don’t really have time or space to have a hobby as much as I would love a sewing room or a space to store all my knitting stuff so I could keep a ton of yarn on hand.  Sometimes it makes me sad but then I realize that there are other options that are suitable as something for me to do that I would call a hobby and if not then something fun.  Wonder what I am talking about yet?  I am talking about games.  I love to play them, not so much into the role playing games but I do love to download games that will keep you busy for hours such as time management games.

Time Management games are games that allow you do to run a business such as a pizza parlor, daycare center, restaurant, camp ground, sell food/drinks and so many more things.  I took the time in writing this post to look over the I-Play time management games, they have some very fun looking ones, I am really excited to try Rescue Team 2 it looks like it will be fun and give me hours of entertainment.  Are you look for a fun game to keep you busy?  Great look no further you can find them here.

With Kinley coming I know that I am going to have some more time on my hands to play some games because she will be nursing and I will be healing, I am going to be checking out and buying a few games as it is something I can do from the comfort of my chair while snuggling my new squishy.

What do you like to do in your free time, do you play games and if so what kind of games do you play?


  1. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I love entering giveaways in my free time 🙂 I enter for things my family needs or could use, so I feel like when I win I didn’t “waste” my time and I am doing somethig useful for my family 🙂

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