Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

I have become a traveller in my time, I actually love to drive places and love to bring my kids.  We do day trips, overnights, a couple nights and even a week at a time trips.  Sometimes out trips are not far from home and sometimes we do travel quite a distance but no matter where we go we try to have fun.  Here are some things you could do with your family for fun.

1.  Camping – my kids love to go camping and get out to swim in the lake (we generally camp by water to make it more fun).  The love roasting marshmallows, making smores and just playing together.  I love the bond we come home feeling (although the dirt could stay behind haha)

2.  Waterpark – this is a big one for us as I have posted recently we took a trip to Great Wolf Lodge and we had a BLAST and coming up in July I will be taking Maddisyn and my sister to Keylime Cove in Chicago with me and we are totally excited about that trip and i am excited to share more about it with you.

3.  Skiing – no one says all trips have to be in the summer I want to take my kids skiing this winter perhaps.

4.  Stay-cation – Stay in your own home town and just go to a hotel with a pool and perhaps waterslide for the night, you get away from home and they get to have fun without the long car ride.

5. Science Centers/Museums – We have to go about 4 hours away but my kids LOVE to go to the Science Centers and explore all the different animals and exhibits they have there.

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