Gender Determination – Fun with Old Wives Tales

I have been having lots of fun with Old Wives tales to determine the gender of the baby.


1. I did the IntelliGender test today which you are supposed to mix a little urine with the test, swirl it around for 10 seconds then wait 5 minutes to read the results.  I was going to be a good girl and waiting until the morning but my friend Cat from 3 Kids and Us convinced me that I should just do it now and not wait so I did.  The initial time I looked and took pictures it was a little hard to determine but I posted it on my facebook.  The experts (Cat and my other friend Shannon insisted I took another picture in natural light).  When I held it up to light it was no doubt orange but taking a picture turned out to be a challenge.  Finally we figured out if I hold it over the light that we could get true color.   Below are the two sets of pictures I took the first was the one I took on the table the second was the one took in the light.

First picture took on my table using flash


Picture number 2 held over the light which clearly shows the color better

2.  The next thing I did was took an online gender quiz on that showed I was having a girl.  there are many tests/sites out there but Cat had used this one in her The results are in! post when she was expecting her third child and so I went with that one too.

3.  The rate of Heartbeat was my next test.  They say anything over 140+ is a girl and anything under 140 indicates boy.  I have a doppler here at home and all the time I listen it is high like 165 or so which indicates a girl.

4.  The Chinese Gender Chart was my next stop on the old wives tale train.  This one is simple to do you look at the chart look at your age at conception, I was 29, then you look at your month of conception, mine was October and this comes up indicating girl.

5. The hair test came next.  One of Cats readers told her about this test and then she shared it with me, it was the weirdest thing and multiple people tried it with their kids after I posted about it on Facebook and it was right for them.  How to do it you look at the kids hair at their neckline. If it is straight across then the next child will be the same sex. If it comes to a point at all then the next one will be the opposite gender.  My kids went like this as I checked them all out.  Chase was straight across, my next was a boy Blake his is a point and next was a girl, Maddisyns is a point and next was a boy, Holdens is point so I guess that means girl?

6.  The last test we did was a cabbage test.  My friend Laurie told me about this cabbage test you do with a red cabbage.  You cut it into chunks, boil some water and pour it over the cabbage chunks to cover them.  Let it sit for 10 minutes then drain the cabbage making sure to KEEP THE WATER!!!  The water should be a blueish color.  Then you go ahead and pee in a cup, mix equal parts of urine and the cabbage water together If the urine/water turns pink/red its a boy!  If it turns purple its a girl!  I went ahead and did this and took some pics here they are to me the color indicates that it is purple and a girl but you can use your judgement on that one.

The first glass is the cabbage water without the urine. The second one the lighter color is after we added the urine.

So I have done quite a few old wives tales and they all indicate girl.  I go for my actual gender ultrasound on the 30th so we will see then if these were right or not.  As much as I would love a little girl so that Maddisyn has a sister I will love the baby no matter the gender.

As I stated at the beginning I do not think these are anything to go paint a room or buy a wardrobe over but I had lots of fun with my friends today putting all these things to the test.

P.S. Don’t worry I threw the glasses out after we used them haha.  Well after the kids had some science experiments with the leftover cabbage water.


  1. Sheila says:

    So cool! I hope you have a girl! 🙂

  2. saminder gumer says:

    there are a lot of other tests i have heard of in the asian culture, but i don’t believe any of them either.

  3. I bet it’s a girl!!!

  4. Erika says:

    Wow! Never heard of these but I’m going with the chinese lunear calendar for my last baby…have a couple plans in place but gotta get a girl with 3 boys:)

    • Jessi says:

      I had two boys then my daughter then another boy so this time if it is a girl it will be great, if not them my daughter is going to go on dates with 5 cars following her (one for each brother and of course her father in the lead lmao)

  5. I can’t believe that every single one of them pointed towards a girl! I bet that doesn’t happen too often. Now, to wait and see for sure!

    • Jessi says:

      I know I was laughing as each one pointed towards girl. One of my facebook friends said I will probably have twin boys instead haha

  6. Brandy says:

    Those are always so much fun to play around with, curious to see how they pan out when you get your ultrasound! Congrats again on drinking the mom blog pregnancy water 😉 So happy for you!

    • Jessi says:

      Thanks Brandy. I think everyone is going to be stalking my facebook starting about 12 est on the 30th waiting to find out the results of the actual ultrasound lol

  7. cancan says:

    haha, thanks for easing my mind about the pee glass!

    • Jessi says:

      lmao no problem I knew people would be thinking really she did it in her drinking glasses lol. Those are old ones we dug out to use for this and then toss 🙂

  8. melissa says:

    I have tried some things when pregnant with both kids. BOth times came out wrong. This one I have never heard of before. I am intrigued. Next kid!

    • Jessi says:

      I did the chinese gender thing and it was right for all of my kids so we will see if it was right this time. This time I just kept having facebook friends telling me to try different stuff so I did because I figured it would be a fun thing to do.

      I kinda wonder if I took another IntelliGender if the results would turn out the same.

  9. Courtney says:

    Can’t wait to hear what your expecting!! 🙂

    • Jessi says:

      Thanks Courtney, my daughter initally said she only wanted a sister if it was a brother we had to throw it away. Now she says with a sign and much coaxing “love it anyways” but in a totally bored voice lol it is awesome.

  10. Nina Say says:

    That is exactly how my inteligender test looked and we are absolutely having a girl.

    Babies are so exciting!!! Keep me updated 🙂

    • Jessi says:

      I will Nina thank you so much we are pretty excited although it would be great if the nausea would leave because my pills to help it are so expensive.

      Thanks for letting me know thats how yours looked. I have my fingers crossed I would love another baby girl but honestly I am going insane just waiting so that I can start responding, pitching and buying my gender specific stuff.

  11. I have so much fun reading the gender prediction posts. I didn’t do ANY of these, LOL.

  12. Marj M. says:

    I had so much fun reading this post, thanks.

  13. Marcie W. says:

    My sister is also expecting right now and we did a few old wives tale tests, including heartbeat, Chinese Gender chart and Intelligender. ALL said Boy and ALL were right! I’m excited to see if yours will be too 🙂

  14. Alison says:

    The Chinese Gender Chart was wrong with me. I need to go grab Landon and look at his hairline. If it points maybe I’ll get my baby sooner. LOL I want a girl!

  15. saminder gumer says:

    i still cant believe how many weird ways there are to do this.

  16. R Hicks says:

    Old wives tales abound about this. Would not put too much “faith” in them though. Good old ultrasonic would satisfy me

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