Gerber Life College Plan

Having four kids Gerber is a well known name in my house.  We buy a ton of stuff gerber because it is a trusted brand for my family as well as what I can only imagine to be millions of other families.  Between baby food, snacks, and even clothes when I see that adorable little baby on the front of the package I know that I can trust that what I am buying is of good quality. But did you know that Gerber is more then just clothes and food they also have Gerber Life Insurance Company.  I am excited to tell you today that they have even more now.

Gerber has just introduced a new program into Gerber Life.  It is a College Plan to help you save for the college eduction every parent dreams of for their child but with rising costs is concerned about affording.  Just about $1 a day can put your child on the path toward a college education!

The Start Smart College Plan can help you make college dreams come true.

  • Monthly payments—choose the premium that fits your budget, starting at just about $1 a day.
  • Guaranteed payment of full benefit at maturity, as long as premiums are paid—no need to worry about interest rates or market volatility.
  • Life insurance protection—guarantees your child will receive the full benefit amount if something were to happen to you before the maturity date.

You can choose the monthly premium that works best for your family so you are not locked into putting out more then your family can afford in their budget then receive $10,000 to $150,000 toward your child’s college expenses—guaranteed!

Check out the chart above that is an example of what you could do for your childs college savings.  I am going to be looking further into this for the kids for sure, they have a good start to their college funds but I certainly want to give them more when they go.

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