Getting Ready for Summer Camp

Chase is going to be hitting the road in August for summer camp.  When I was a kid I did not attend summer camp but my brother did so I was there to help with the preparation of him going.  First thing we did was research the two summer camps in our area that are options for him to attend.  One being only about 90 minutes away the other being closer the 2 and a half hours away.  The one that is further offered more options so I think that we are going to go ahead and send him to that one but just waiting on him to actually confirm it.

Chase has been to campouts with his scouts troop but never for more then 2-3 days so him spending an entire week away is going to be an interesting experience for us both I am sure.  He is quite exciting about all the stuff that they do at summer camp though and all the stuff that he will get to experience.  Blake is not ready to go to camp this year but I am sure by next year he will be more then ready to give it a shot and will be in the age range to attend with Chase so that should make it easier when sending them together.

Are you sending your kids to summer camp this year?  Not sure where to send them or even where to get started researching?  No problem head on over to OurKids to get more information on what to bring, where to find camps, how to choose one or to download the e-book on how to prepare for summer camp.

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  1. I never went to camp as a kid. I always wondered what it was like. Nice to know there is a place to get good info on a safe camp.

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