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Ugh it is that time of year again swimsuit season, summer June, notice I crossed out summer here, yeah that is because here right now summer is the most inappropriate word, it has been FREEZING so far, but I know it is going to warm up and then I am going to whine because I am so hot, see how I am haha it drives Lee insane.  Anyways back to my reason for this post.  A while back I discovered a great company called girltrunks.  How awesome was this idea, as a mother I love to take my kids to the beach or the pool and be able to comfortably play with them.  By comfortably I mean my chest is not hanging out and I am not picking wedgies from a swimsuit that seems to want to ride up more then anything else.

We got one warm day this season so far and I took advantage of it and took the kids out to the beach to play, I grabbed my same old swimsuit out of the closet and then realized, hey wait I can finally wear my new Girl Trunks swimsuit, get my info for review and surely this will be better then the swimsuit.  Now I will be the first to admit I have never been able to get comfortable wearing shorts swimming, I freak out and just don’t like the feel or the weight so I was a bit apprehensive about the actual swimming part with them on but I knew that there was no way I was going to change with all the kids there it just was not a feasible thought so I made myself suck it up, put it on and out the door we went.

When we go to the beach we have a routine swim first, then eat, then swim more, then play in the sand while we dry off before the car ride home.  So we got there, I got everyone settled in, put up chairs, got out the coolers etc etc etc.  You moms all know what I am talking about with all the gear, toys and food.  Then it was time the kids wanted to go swimming which meant mommy was going to go swimming whether I liked it or not.  So I got in the water prepared for the panic to wash over me as soon as those shorts got wet, but you know what it never happened.  They were not bad at all, nothing like swimming in a normal pair of shorts that is for sure.  My kids asked when we were getting in the water if I was OK, I guess I was just that tense haha but once the shorts were wet, I realized I was being a freak over nothing and all was well in the world we were all able to relax, swim around, throw a ball and Frisbee and wrestle in the water, all without me once having to tug my bottoms down or being worried I was a bit too exposed when I was getting out of the water.  We were able to sit and eat and play in the sand and the shorts dried so quickly that I was able to wear them home in the car no problems and was very dry and comfortable the ride home nothing like wearing a cold sticky swimsuit.

girltrunks are available in two different lengths, one called meet me in the middle which are about mid-thigh length and the other is called Long on Short which is about knee length.  I got the Meet Me in the Middle Shorts.  I got mine a size bigger then I normally wear and found they are a bit too tight on me but that is ok because I am going on a sumo diet very soon so they will fit perfectly before I know it.  The shorts come in sizes 4-24 (finally something comfortable for us plus size gals) and cost $79.00.

girltrunks also carries tops in either Halter tops or Tank top styles and comes in two adorable patterns Dots or Black and White.  I chose the Dots Halter top because I liked the bright colors and did not want to look terrible which I know i would have in the latter since I tried on swimsuits like that at home here and looked just not right.  The top is very comfortable, covers me well and I do not worry about the “girls” making a surprise appearance which is my worst nightmare haha.  The tops too come in sizes 4-24 and cost $59.00.

I wanted to get pictures of me wearing the swimsuit before I put this post up but since the weather is being so darn uncooperative I had to use the pictures off the website, but not to worry the next warm day we get I will put it on and post pics just for you all to see I promise.

Thank you to girltrunks for this great product to review.
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  1. Toxic Beauty says:

    Hi Jessi,

    I am so sorry its still cold where you are…you should come down to FL where the low is 90. LOL

    I love the idea of girltrunks….some people get subconscious about showing their legs. I used to be really bad about this, and was always looking for skirts or shorts to put over my bathing suit and they were always too heavy in the water. Now I just don’t care anymore and I wear a regular suit with no shorts, but I would def give girltrunks a try.

    I look forward to seeing your pics in them and bravo to you for being brave enough to put pics of yourself in a bathing suit on the Internet! LOL

  2. Toxic Beauty says:

    I also shared this great post on Twitter.

  3. Tammy says:

    Love this idea – I hate wearing just my swimsuit when I need to wear it, I am always hiding my bottom with shorts or capris, but of course don’t want to get them wet!

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