Glamourmom nursing tanks

This is a must have for moms like me, i have two Glamourmom nursing tanks and i just bought two more. I wear these at night to bed as well as through the day under my normal clothes. I hate my belly especially postpartum and this is awesome because i just lift my shirt or unbutton it depending on the style of shirt i am wearing over my tanktop and i still have the nursing tank to cover my belly and then i just unclasp like a nursing bra and we are good to go. I prefer these to nursing bras as i find them much much more comfortable and they have a built in shelf bra.

If you are expecting and going to nurse i would recommend at least one nursing top. at Glamourmom they have long ones as well as shorter length and they come in a wide variety of colors and even have some with lace on the bottom for a nice layered look. they even have a nursing tankini if you are looking for something like that and their prices are very reasonable and the tanks hold up quite well, this will be my second baby to go through my original ones.

They give you 10% off if you order two or more.

If you do go order from there please use my GM code at checkout: JEMA7437.

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