Golfing is a relaxing event…unless you’re me

I have really bad hand-eye coordination and so golfing just doesn’t go well with my awesomeness.  OK seriously if I tried to golf I would be asked to leave the courses for putting big divots in them haha just to give you an idea of how bad I am I can’t even golf on those video games for Wii etc.

I have friends though that talk about getting out onto the greens and enjoying the weather and I am like really dudes, can I come just watch?  Is golf a spectator sport like that, really I don’t want to watch them golf but I want to enjoy the weather, the scenery and whatever wildlife we may see.  I know that because we live on a border city my friends make good use of the golf courses here in my city but they also like to head across the border and hit up the Michigan golf courses.  I asked why once and was looked at like I had two heads.   I guess different courses offer different things for them.

I think that maybe next year I may actually invest some time and money into golf lessons and learn to play for real.  I will have 5 kids and the quiet will be nice to experience without someone demanding time, attention, food etc.

Do you golf and if you do can you offer any advice to a newbie like me?  I know I need to find clubs that will work for me I guess and go from there.


  1. Betty Baez says:

    Haha I’m the same way Im not even good on the wii

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