Good intentions…Bad Computer

I know i have not really blogged much, I had a family issue happen on Monday at a family dinner that i will post more about later but it really took a lot out of me and i needed to take time for me to regroup, and then I had full intentions of getting another giveaway up for you all to enter today but last night I decided to format my computer because it was being weird and somehow my bakup files got corrupt so I spent the day doing what i can to recover sponsor emails, so yeah that was my fun for today.  I promise tomorrow we will have at least 1 revieww and giveaway posted by the evening if not more. 

To my sponsors if I email you asking you for info please know it is because I need a better external Hard drive because mine is the reason i lost everything including precious pictures of my kids and all my giveaway data.  If anyone can recommend a good external hard drive i am listening.

I do know that i had three Giveaways end today and i will draw tomorrow and contact winners, i really need to get some sleep after the family issues from Monday i have barely slept a wink.

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