Green Clean

I take the kids to the Parent and Family Literacy center Monday-Friday from 9 until 1.  It is a chance for Maddisyn to interact with other children as well as a chance for me to interact with other parents/adults.  We have a pretty basic routine there but one that we do enjoy as the structure is good, we go in we do a craft the kids free play and then we have snack time, then there is story time and free play until we leave.  In there we do clean quite a bit as well i know the teacher cleans the toys in the evenings. 

Now while we are there I know for a fact that we clean everything from the tables to the toys in vinegar and water, but I do also know that the janitor uses industrial cleaning supplies on stuff in there as well and that concerns me.  I know that the janitorial cleaning supplies are necessary to ensure that we don’t get sick and the things are really clean but I also know my kids put these toys in their mouths.  I think that the school should take on the policy of using green cleaning supplies instead of using harsh chemicals.

Do your schools use industrial supplies or do they use green supplies now?

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