Halloween Crafts for your little Ghosts and Goblins – Guest Post by Penelope

I’m Penelope and today I’m guest posting for my friend Jessi while she is on holiday with her family. I love everything from creative homemaking to arts and crafts, and since Halloween is right around the corner I’m sharing two very simple crafts you can do with your children that are both easy and safe.

For these projects, all you need is construction paper, white tissue, tape, a black marker, brown paper bags (or any plain bag that can be decorated), a pair of scissors (optional) and white out (optional):

The first Halloween craft are floating ghosts that can be displayed on shelves or strung up with fishing wire to “float”. This craft can be done by children 3+. Simply take paper (we used brown wrapping paper, but any paper is fine) and crumple/shape into the ghost form. With white tissue paper and tape, loosely cover the paper ghost form with tissue and tape it in place from the inside with tape. Use a black marker to make the ghost’s face- anything from scary or happy to sorrowful or funny. If the tissue needs to be trimmed or shaped, an adult can cut the hem.

Our second holiday craft is creating homemade trick-or-treat bags with brown paper bags and a marker. Have your children draw and color various ghost or pumpkin faces on each side of the bag for a spooky, fun treat-collecting bag they will be proud to sport. You can get more creative with color, glitter, or bats and other decorations, but we like the spooky simplicity of scary faces. If you would like to add white teeth or whites to the eyes, have an adult apply white out:

Your kids will have even more fun at Halloween if they are involved in the preparations, and don’t forget to be safe by following our Halloween safety tips– have a great holiday!


  1. Janet W. says:

    We love making ghosts and hanging them from the trees in our front yard. That’s been one of our most fun traditions! The grandkids love it, too!

  2. Dean Hurwitz says:

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  3. Exie Cutler says:

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