Have you ever been to a spa? Got great spa Deals?

I have not!!!  I really want to go but unfortunatly I can either never find time or find one I feel I would be comfortable going to when I have time.  I have dreams of mud baths, seaweed wraps, long massages and no one yelling mommy for five seconds.  Of course then there are all the other treatments that you can receive that I have been told are very close to heaven, I am jealous of anyone who has had a spa day heck I am jealous of anyone who has ever had time for a mani/pedi never mind a full out spa day.

I keep promising myself I am going to find a good place to get spa deals, take some me time and go.  I actually am now more motivated in just writing what I could have done if I went to the spa then I was before.  I need a weekend away without the kids and the hubby, I love my family but I think that going to a spa would for sure rejuvenate me and make me 110% better as a mother and a wife.  I think that perhaps me and my girlfriends need to do some spa research, find somewhere that has all that we need and is quiet and head off for a spa weekend.

I hope that Lee is reading this and does the research for me and gets me a spa getaway voucher to save me some time and energy on it and I can totally relax about the entire thing.  Tell me have you ever been to the spa before?  Is there a specific treatment that you absolutely loved and would totally get if you could ever go back?  Any spa treatments I should avoid as they were not as relaxing as you thought?  If I do this I want to get the most out of it that I possibly can.

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