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I am crazy and this review officially seals that deal haha.  The boys both have Heelys and love them to death so when I got the offer for this campaign and found out that Heelys had introduced adult sizes I thought what the heck I will try them out they can’t be that hard right.  So they arrived and I immediately started singing “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates” OK well not roller skates but rather Heelys.  I could hardly wait to get them out of the box and give them a shot.  Well guess what…Heelys are not for me haha, I tried them a bunch of times and despite watching the how-to videos multiple times I would get a sick feeling in my tummy and not want to go much more then a foot.  I have really crappy co-ordination so I have no idea what made me think I could actually wear these and be successful is beyond me.  I am not done with them no, rest assured I will continue trying and master them so I can show Chase and Blake who think it is funny to make fun of my while I am wearing them lol.

I bet some of you are sitting there wondering what I am even talking about well let me explain quickly.  Heelys are a pair of running type shoes that have a spot in the heel for a single wheel to pop in and out of.  When the wheel is not in there are plugs so that you can wear them like a normal shoe or you can pop the heel in and by leaning back on the heel you can roll around.

The shoes I received are called Wave in gray/pink, I thought that they were super cute shoes on the website and having them here I think they are even more so and love wearing them as my everyday shoes when I am not trying to skate on them.  Since this is our third pair of Heelys I feel I can testify to the fact that the craftsmanship is second to none and the boys have been wearing theirs since December and I have a feeling they are going to outgrow them before they wear them out since they are still in such great shape and normally their shoes just fall apart within a month or two because of how rough they are on them.

If you are looking for something you might feel safer on there is always the Heelys HX2 which have two removable wheels in each shoe to make balance much easier, this is probably something I should have went for and would probably be less of a disaster on wheels haha.  As you learn and get better you can remove the front wheel so you would be skating on just the one wheel like the original Heelys shoes are.

If you don’t want to order them online you can use the store locator to find a store close to you so you can go try on your Heelys and see which pair is right for you.

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I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the Heelys shoes for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience with said product.


  1. I have the Heelys HX2 and I am still trying to master them. I think kids have an easier time but I have certainly had fun trying. I haven’t broken anything yet LOL. They are cute shoes to boot!

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