Help for a fellow blogger

When I first started blogging I unfortunatly did not have too many places to go to help me get my feet planted firmly on the ground in the review and giveaway department.  Honestly at this point I still do not feel firmly planted, but I do feel extremely fortunate that I have so many great followers and hope you will all continue to come back to me.  It makes me smile, cause i am a sap, when I see one of you comment and I know I am not just writing to myself.

Recently a fellow blogger emailed me asking me for her help.  You see she is just starting out in the world of giveaways and I want to assist her in planting her feet.

Hallie over at The (online) Nanny College Girl Diaries is currently having a giveaway for a really cute bracelet and a $5.00 gift certificate from an Etsy Store, I could tell you more but then you wouldn’t have to go there to read and enter to win.  So please I encourage you all to head over there and enter, just don’t forget about me and keep coming back :).


  1. The Nanny says:

    Thank you!!! 🙂

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