Herban Essentials Oil Towelette Review

“Herban Essentials essential oil towelettes are made with the highest quality pure essential oil, which not only makes them smell amazing, but makes them naturally antibacterial and antiseptic as well. The most common use for the towelettes is to cleanse the hands and kill germs, but there are millions of ways to use these wonderful wipes!

Toss them in your purse, backpack, briefcase, car, wallet, or gym bag to enjoy their germ-killing, mood-lifting, fabulousness everywhere you go! ”

As you all know I have four kids, a dog, a husband and you can bet your butt a ton of germs in our house, van, strollers and daily life.  Ever since H1N1 outbreaks I have been much more conscious about germs and the things we come in contact with.  I make sure to keep some purell in my purse and use it as much as possible.  But even though I can use that on both myself and the kids I still don’t feel like shopping carts, swings and stuff like that are as germ free as I would like.

I was given the Herban Essentials Orange Towelettes as well as the Mini Pack.  The orange one smell amazing, I open them and it reminds me of oranges being peeled I love that smell.  The Herban Essentials website says that the Orange oil is soothing and promotes joy and happiness, especially in children.  It can help children focus and relax, it is also suggested you can tuck them into the cars air conditioner vents for happy rides.  We are headed on a longer car ride in a couple of weeks so will try it then for sure.  In the meantime I have been carrying these tucked into my purse and using them everytime we have to go into a store and put the kids in the shopping cart.  I have even been using them to wipe my hands down after pumping gas or changing diapers on the go.  The orange towelettes are sold in a package of 20 and cost $15.00 for the package.

The Mini Pack is great because it gives you a sampling of the different towelettes so that you can find out which one you like best to buy the big packs.  The Mini Pack costs $6.00 and comes with 6 different towelettes.  It contains The Eucalyptus Towelette which is invigorating.  The Peppermint Towelette which is energizing.  The Lavender Towelette which is calming.  The Lemon Towelette which is uplifting.  You can use the Yoga Towelette before and after class to cleanse hands, feet, and mat.  Of course for the pet owners out there you can use the Pet Towelette after playing with, caring for, or cleaning up after your pet.  Just toss them in your purse, backpack, briefcase, car, wallet, or gym bag to enjoy their germ-killing, mood-lifting, fabulousness everywhere you go!

I would recommend these just for the portability alone, they smell great so that also makes them 100% awesome in my books.  All of the scents mentioned in the Mini Pack are also available in packages of 20 for $15.00.

Thank you to Herban Essentials for this great product to review.
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  1. Those are really nice, especially the ones for the pets! They are pretty neat because you can just toss it in your bag and you can use it whenever you want!

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