Holden is One & Taking a weekend off

I have decided that I need to take a weekend off, I normally do not post on weekends but that does not mean I am not doing behind the scenes stuff, preparing posts, researching products, answering emails etc.  This weekend is Easter and I have decided to take the weekend off and do no work, I really need it I am overworked lately and exhausted and also a bit depressed because my last baby turned one today.

Holden turned one today and he got some super adorable gifts from our family not to mention a few great gifts from some great companies and you should see the picutres of him eating his cake, he picked the entire plate up and was taking bites out of it.  I am excited to tell them about you but so mentally drained I need to take a weekend off.  Don’t worry I am not going anywhere I will be back full force with a bunch of great giveaways and reviews for you.

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