Holdens birth story

So here is my birthstory may be kinda long and boring.
Woke up at like 5 am i couldn’t sleep i was too excited about the prospect of meeting our new lil man. Called the hospital at 6:30 am and was told to come on in. So we went in for 7:30 got hooked up they monitored the baby for a bit to get a strip of his heartrate.

My doctor came in at like 8:00 or so and checked, my cervix was 1 cm dilated and 3 cm longshe said i was not favorable and if they were busy she would send me home with no choices given but because they were empty she said i could stay to go ahead but risked a 50% chance of a section. We decided to go ahead and stay, so my doc put in a cervical foley (a foley catheter inserted into the cervix and inflated once you reach 3 cm dilated it falls out). She said it should fall out at suppertime and she woudl see me then. Three hours later it fell out at 1:00. But i was not dilated to the full three i was more 2 cm and stretchy.

At 1:00 she broke my water and they put up the pitocin drip at 2 pm. Labor didn’t really start til 7 pm (took my body a bit to figure out what was supposed to be going on). The contractions got good and strong at 7 pm and by 11 i couldn’t breathe through the contractions anymore and decided i couldn’t do this and wasn’t going to have a baby lol. at 11:40 i told them i felt really strong pressure and i had to push, my doc came in and i still had a lip so she held it back during a couple of contractions then she had me push. I pushed about 6 times and baby Holden Alexander Gordon was born at 11:50 pm weighing in at 7 lbs 5 ozs. 21 1/2″ long. He has really long feet, and fingers and superlong fingers nails and the most beautiful blonde hair.

I put him to breast at birth and he latched and is eating like a champ which is amazing now heres hoping i get good milk.

Here are a couple of pictures of him.

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