Holdens One – Maclaren Baby Review

I know the Maclaren name for strollers, which I am in love with by the way and would love to have one day.  When I contacted Maclaren it was for a stroller review because I apparently live in a large bubble and had no idea they had other stuff.  I was instead offered the opportunity to share with you Mac and Ella the two cutest animals.

Mac is a stuffed puppy that is 8″ tall and the perfect size for my little ones to play with, Holden can hold it and cruise along the edge of the couch or table or he puts it in his mouth by the ear and crawls around, it is rather cute and hey if he is having fun with it then why not right.  Ella is also 8″ tall and this one Maddisyn has claimed to be hers which is fine by me but Holden thinks both should be his.  Ella’s ears also crinkly and so Holden like any baby loves the noises the ears make.  The kids share rather well in this case though so they each get to play with both of the animals.  Best of all they are both made from untreated, unbleached and unprocessed organic cotton velveteen.  All natural toys using dyes and pigments from plants and minerals, water-washed with no harmful pollutants added to the environment.

Each one of these animals comes in a gift box and ready to give.  They are quite cute and we waited and pulled them out at Holdens birthday party so that everyone could see the box and they all commented on how cute it was.  Ella and Mac are each priced at $25.00 and you can find them soon on the website or you are encouraged to find a retailer near you.  So now like me you all know that Maclaren is much more then just strollers they also carry toys like Mac and Ella, baby carriers, rockers, toy strollers and much more.

Thank you to Maclaren for this great product to review.
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