Holdens One – Sassy Toys Review

Sassy is a well known name in our household.  I buy lots of Sassy stuff for the kids all the time so when I was planning Holdens Birthday event naturally I went to Sassy to see if they wanted to work with me.  I was thrilled when they said yes but when asked what I had in mind I could not pick anything so I asked for a surprise package.  Boy was I ever surprised when we received our package.  We got an amazing assortment of toys and feeding items from Sassy.  All which are used in our daily life now and for a couple of things I have no idea how we went without it before.

Holden checking out his box of goodies

Emptying the box

The items in the box were all great and Holden had fun emptying out the box and we all had fun taking out the toys and playing with him.  He received the Scrub-a-Dub Car Wash, Catch & Release Net, Count ‘n Spell Appliqués, Less Mess Training Spoon, Less Mess Toddler Spoons, Dippin’ Diner Plate Set, Stack n’ Serve Feeding Bowl Set, Big & Small Chime, Pop n’ Push Car, & the Touch & Talk Laptop.

Holden is a water baby so the Scrub-a-Dub Car Wash, Catch & Release Net and Count ‘n Spell Appliques are a huge hit for him.  I gave him a bath the night he received them and he spent 45 minutes in the bath playing and freaked out every time I tried to take him out of the bath.   He does not get the concept of any of them which is fine he is still little but he does play with them and likes when I stick the letters to the wall so that he can pull them off and put them in his mouth.

The Scrub a Dub Car Wash floats in the bathtub and offers 8 activities for your baby to play with There are lessons in cause-and-effect, opportunities to learn new words, invitations to use the imagination and skills to hone hand-eye coordination.   Baby’s car wash customers include 3 brightly colored vehicles that scoop or strain water.  Moving vehicles through the soft rinse curtain provides baby with a lesson in object permanence.  Squeeze the yellow, terrycloth “road sign” to squirt the cars moving under the car wash and scoop water into the car rinser in the center to watch it wash over the vehicles.  Speed bumps and a hill make driving through the car wash an adventure.

The Catch & Release Net is adorable and even I have fun playing with it when Holden is in the bathtub.  It is made to help with hand eye co-ordination because the baby has to scoop up three brightly colored fish toys.  The net is blue plastic with nubs on the handle and a ball on the end to help baby grip as well as to let them have something to chew on.

The Less Mess Training Spoon, Less Mess Toddler Spoons, Dippin’ Dinner Plate Set and the Stack n’ Serve Feeding Bowl set are all great as well.  Holden has been holding onto the training spoon during meals and plays in his food with it and then if he gets a piece of food on it he tries to get it into his mouth although it usually ends up tipped sideways between the plate and his mouth but he is trying which is what really counts.  The less mess training spoon can be used in either the left or the right hand so your baby can hold it however s/he is most comfortable.  He is too young for the dip spot on the dinner plate but Maddisyn uses it when we eat because she freaks if ketchup touches the rest of her food.  The plates are also very cool because the package has 4 plates and two lids.  Two of the plates are split down the center, again stopping cross contamination, and two are full sized plates each one has a dip spot and you can use the lid to cover the plates if your child is anything like Maddisyn and needs a break in between eating.  The plates also have non-skid borders on them so Maddisyn does not end up chasing a spoonful of peas or rice off the edge of her plate onto the table, supper time sure is less messy.  The stack n’ Serve feeding bowl much like the plates are all bright in color, ours are oranges and blues, they also have a non-skid base like the plates so they do not slide all around while your baby is trying to eat, Maddisyn and Holden both have had this issue.  Storage with the bowls is great because they are made to nest inside each other so that you just stack em and store em they really take up no more space then one bowl.

So I told you about the bathtime toys and told you about the feeding tools now onto the rest of the fun stuff…the toys .

The big and small Chime Balls are great, the big one is a soft squishy ball with different colors on it in both solid velveet and polka dot in silk designs.  The big ball also has a crinkle fabric on the inside of it that makes a crunchy noise when squeezed and played with.  The small one is a hard plastic ball then inside the ball is another ball with polka dots on one side and a mirror on the other.  Both balls rattle and make noise, Holden loves to sit there and shake them around and he will crawl with both in his hands to shake it and make it make noise.

The pop n’ Push car is super cute, it is a little green car with blue wheels, the wheels have a teal tired tread on them to help the car go on hard floor surfaces.  Holden loves this one because it goes on its own, he pushes it back and then lets go and the car goes all on his own then he gets to chase it across the floor and do it again.  This has provided mommy with many minutes of a brain break and for that Sassy Toys I love you even more.

Although sent to Holden I do find that Maddisyn plays with the Touch & Talk Laptop more then Holden does.  The touch & talk laptop is covered with fabric that is in bright, bold, geometric prints that help to stimulate and help baby focus.  The “screen” of the laptop is a large mirror and Holden loves to stand there and look at himself  a touch conceited if you ask me haha.  When you press the keys on the laptop it tells your baby colors in both English and Spanish, plays a musical note or says a silly rhyme or sound.  When not playing with it there is a velcro tab on the top that allows you to close the laptop and carry it around by the handle, super adorable and a great gift idea.

Sassy Toys rocks and I love them even more now, I had no idea they made these great dishes for little ones, I knew toys but not the dishes.  You learn something new everyday and in this case my new rocks.

Thank you to Sassy for these great products to review.
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  1. I never realized how many products Sassy has to offer. I think that Scrub a Dub Bath toy looks pretty fun and oh my gosh would those Less Mess products be awesome for my Aubrey right now! I’ll have to keep my eye out next time in the store for these!
    .-= Jenna @ For The Love of Baby!´s last blog ..Thoughts & Prayers for Lacina Family *UPDATE* =-.

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